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Can smells influence what you buy?

26 Jun, 2024
Using scent strategies to nudge consumers toward more wholesome food options is an under-explored opportunity to improve public health outcomes.
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Pay transparency helps close gender gap

20 Jun, 2024
Many countries are legislating for pay transparency through mandatory audits, reporting, and gender-neutral job classification systems. Why isn’t NZ?
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Needed: more midwives, better supported

19 Jun, 2024
Many NZ midwives feel professionally “invisible”, which contributes to a lack of support from healthcare bodies and threatens their health and safety.
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Career tips for tomorrow's accountants

14 Jun, 2024
A career in accounting offers a world of possibilities for graduates with strong interpersonal skills – and AI won’t be changing that any time soon.
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AI in teaching and teaching

12 Jun, 2024
As part of Techweek 2024, AUT Business School and the AI Forum NZ hosted a panel of academics who are forerunners in using AI in learning and teaching.

Why aren’t Australian churches taxed?

06 May, 2024
Should churches be offered an uncapped exemption from income tax when there are questions about how appropriately their profits are used?
AUT Business School Dean

“Difficult” or “difference-making”?

03 May, 2024
AUT Business School Dean, Professor Kate Kearins, explores a central question: How to help turn difficult conversations into difference-making dialogues?
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Newbies don’t know what they don’t know

23 Apr, 2024
The first 90 days on the job can be stressful, but there are practical ways for employers to help newcomers thrive, writes Helena Cooper-Thomas.
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AUT algorithm predicts unlikely NFL pick

23 Apr, 2024
An algorithm developed by an AUT economics professor is predicting an unlikely pick for the forthcoming National Football League (NFL) draft.
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From ‘fad’ to ‘fab’ – Wendy Thompson Q&A

22 Apr, 2024
AUT alumna Wendy Thompson, co-founder of Thompson Spencer, a full-service global creative & media advertising agency, shares her remarkable career journey.


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