Research expertise in social sciences and public policy

Dr Judy McGregor

Judy. Head of School, Social Sciences; Programme Leader Social Sciences
Discrimination issues, women's rights, gender equality in governance, management professional and public life, equal pay and the employment of ethnic and minority groups.

Dr Charles Crothers

Charles. Professor of Sociology
New Zealand and other settler societies, Auckland: Social structure, organisations, communities, occupations, opinion-structures, quality-of-life, knowledge, political-economy, settler societies, internet studies, development studies, development of social science knowledge, policy-research linkages.

Dr Marilyn Waring

Marilyn. Professor of Public Policy
Governance and public policy, political economy, gender analysis, human rights.

Dr Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop

Peggy. Professor of Pacific Studies
Sustainable development, Pacific small island states, gender, youth and development issues; Family security (domestic violence and child abuse and neglect issues), education.

Love Chile

Love. Associate Professor
Community investment and development, community economic development, cross-cultural competence, development issues associated with globalisation, international development assistance, international migration and refugee development, global poverty and inequality, regional integration and trade liberalisation.

Dr Sharyn Graham Davies

Sharyn. Associate Professor
Asian studies including gender and sexuality in Indonesia, policing in Indonesia, gender and policing.

Dr Camille Nakhid

Camille. Associate Professor
The social construction of identity, appropriate research methodologies for marginalized and minority groups, race and ethnicity, Māori and Pasifika academic achievement, and ethnic communities.

Dr Antje Deckert

Antje. Senior Lecturer Criminology
Criminological discourse, criminal narratives and identity; indigenous peoples and epistemologies; violent behaviour.

Dr Jane Verbitsky

Jane. Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader Conflict Resolution
Antarctic governance and policy; NZ refugee policy; justice institutions and conflict resolution.

Dr Kirsten Hanna

Kirsten. Programme Leader Criminology, Senior Lecturer
Children's rights, child witnesses, child impact reporting, (government structures for children), Income management, Functional syntax.

Dr Carol Neill

Carol. Senior Lecturer; Programme Leader BA (Social Sciences)
Trade history and policy, economic development, youth and community development.

Dr Erik Landhuis

Erik. Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader BA Psychology
The role of psychological factors in the development and progression of physical illness; effects of media and digital media use in kids; quackery and medical decision making; scientific misconduct.

Dr Jay Wood

Jay. Senior Lecturer
Attitude change, persuasive communication, and social influence.

Dr John Buttle

John. Senior Lecturer Criminology
Police, police accountability, police misbehaviour, police reform, ethical policing, police culture, international police policy transfer, comparative policing, rural crime, media representations of crime.

Dr Cristina Parra

Cristina. Senior Lecturer Psychology
Ethnic identity development and reconciliation based on social and evolutionary psychology.

Dr Kate Nicholls

Kate. Senior Lecturer Postgraduate
Trade history and policy, economic development, youth and community development, comparative politics, comparative political economy, political sociology, democratisation and regime transitions, policy-making, interest groups and state-society relations, historical institutionalism. Political theory. democracy and democratic theory.

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