Regan Ujara

Regan Ujara

Master of Human Rights with Honours (Second Class, Second Division)
Bachelor of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Criminology
3rd-year student, Bachelor of Laws

He decided to study law to achieve his full potential and help people, says Regan Ujara who is currently completing his Bachelor of Laws.

“I’ve always wanted to look for a good general practice law firm in a smaller town to be able to help people. I’ve already managed to secure a law clerk role in a small town, and I hope to become a solicitor at this law firm in the future.”

Now in his third year, Regan has thoroughly enjoyed his studies so far.

“AUT has a friendly environment and many activities organised for students. AUT students are very friendly and I’ve made many lifelong friends here. The law elective course choices are good, and the AUT Law School hosts competitions throughout the year, including mooting, negotiation, client interviewing and cross-examinations. I’ve also really enjoyed the events where industry professionals are invited to AUT to engage with students, and provide insights and advice.”

Showing care and compassion
He has come a long way in the last decade, Regan admits.

“10 years ago, I was relatively new to New Zealand, unable to speak much English and not sure how to fill out a university application form. At that time, I applied to two universities but wasn’t offered a place to study at either of them. However, AUT rang me and asked me to attend an interview, and I agreed. At the interview, they saw my commitment and offered me to study an English bridging course, which then enabled me to study a Bachelor of Arts and then a Master of Human Rights.

“In 2021, I decided to also study a law degree and I received offers from four different universities, including AUT. Without hesitation, I chose AUT because I knew that they go beyond their responsibilities to show care and compassion to their students.”

He has appreciated the support available to him throughout his studies.

“The administration staff are the gem of the AUT Law School; they’re efficient, genuinely care and provide sensible advice to students. When I was having a difficult time in 2022, I was fortunate to have a meeting with Helen Parker, the law programmes manager, and she kindly took the time to listen, understand my distress and frustration, and offer advice. Her help made a great difference. AUT also noticed that I had enrolled in courses at different campuses and offered me funds to help me travel between campuses. I was impressed with AUT's commitment to supporting students.”

Advice for other students
Regan’s advice for other students is simple: take things as they come.

“Law school can be stressful, so just focus on the most urgent and important things. You need to be decisive in leaving the tasks that are not important.”

Make the most of university life, he adds.

“Most importantly, try to participate in as many events, activities and competitions as possible while you’re at university. At AUT, it’s easy for you to meet elites from the industry, so cherish the chances AUT has prepared for you.”