Paris Hopkins

Paris Hopkins

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Communication Studies in Public Relations and Marketing

She has always loved social media and trends, says Paris Hopkins who is studying a Bachelor of Communication Studies in Public Relations and Marketing.

“I like how social media provides a massive community where people can talk to each other from anywhere in the world. I wanted to explore how brands can tap into these communities and build relationships with their followers.

“I believe that a job where you can be creative will always be more fun and engaging. Once I graduate, I’d love to have a career in social media marketing. The social media environment is constantly evolving, with new technology or trends. There is always room to make a career for ourselves and it presents an ever-changing canvas for creativity.”

Paris loves how flexible the Bachelor of Communication Studies is and believes it will prepare her well for her future career plans.

“There are so many skills that can be applied to different careers with a communications degree. This is such a great degree if you love talking with people, and the majors are very compatible with other subjects that will help to broaden your skillset. I also like that the degree enables us to work or explore internships during our studies, which is a great way to pursue experience that relates to your degree and better opportunities once you leave university.”

Choosing AUT
Deciding to come to AUT for her studies was easy, says Paris.

“I had family who had previously attended another university and then switched over to AUT. I loved how they explained the different style of learning here. The classes are smaller, which enables conversation, and you can easily make friends and relate to your classmates because of this. The lecturers are always happy to provide feedback, and it’s great to know that your learning is supported and people care about your educational success.

“AUT also has a profound reputation and provides so many opportunities and connections, within New Zealand and internationally. So knowing that I would be fully prepared for whatever path I chose is what made me decide to come to AUT. I’m so glad that I did.”

The open and supportive environment is one of the things she likes most about AUT.

“I’ve loved connecting with people from different walks of life. There’s such a sociable and friendly environment where everyone supports each other.”

Advice for other students
Paris – who is in the final year of her degree – has some good advice for other students who are only at the start of their university journey.

“My advice is to choose subjects that you enjoy doing and take your time.”

Her other piece of advice is simple: ask for help if you need it.

“University can be stressful, but it’s only as hard as you make it for yourself! There are multiple resources that AUT provides for students. Making the most of these will help you in the long run.”