MJ Poortoossi

MJ Poortoossi

Global Franchise Business Specialist
Master of Business Administration

The dynamic nature of his work is what he enjoys the most about his career, says MJ Poortoossi who is an AUT MBA alumnus with a successful career as a global franchise business specialist.

“The ability to create and nurture strategic partnerships with suppliers, coupled with the implementation of innovative programmes like the builder licensing initiative, brings a sense of fulfilment. It’s rewarding to see that these efforts not only optimise operational processes but also contribute to revenue growth. The blend of strategic thinking, relationship building and measurable impact makes this aspect of my work truly enjoyable.”

While he has certainly had a number of highlights throughout his career so far, there is one achievement MJ is particularly proud of.

“I take pride in steering the growth and success of my own franchise; MNP Renovations & Remodelling Ltd, a franchise of Renovations Franchise Ltd. As the director, I orchestrated strategic initiatives that optimised the overall organisational performance, contributing to a healthy financial result. This involved overseeing the day-to-day operations, spearheading procurement processes and ensuring top-tier service delivery. Achieving consistent client satisfaction, exceeding financial targets, and fostering a culture of excellence are aspects that bring me enduring satisfaction and pride.”

The right study environment
MJ still has fond memories of his time at AUT where he completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) to complement his line of work.

“AUT provided the right environment, and the highlights of my time at AUT during my MBA were multifaceted. Firstly, the interactions with a diverse group of similarly minded individuals enriched my learning experience. The collaborative environment at AUT facilitated valuable discussions and exchanges of ideas, and provided me with a broader perspective on business challenges.

“Additionally, the approach of the MBA programme, coupled with the guidance from experienced academic staff, significantly contributed to my professional development. Overall, the combination of a vibrant academic community and a curriculum tailored to real-world scenarios made my time at AUT truly impactful.”

His studies made him realise how much more there was to learn and discover, he admits.

“This moment of insight transformed my perspective, and fuelled a deeper appreciation for the wealth of knowledge and insights that the programme had to offer. It marked a turning point in my journey, and motivated me to approach my studies with even greater curiosity and enthusiasm.”

Advice for other students
MJ has some great advice for other students who are thinking about taking on postgraduate study in business.

“My advice for future AUT students is to embrace every opportunity for learning and growth. Stay open-minded, as there's always more to discover even in familiar subjects. You should also be proactive in seeking real-world applications for your knowledge – it's the bridge between academic learning and professional success.”

Don’t underestimate the importance of networking, he adds.

“Network actively with peers and industry professionals; these connections can be invaluable.”