Jorja Parmentier

Jorja Parmentier

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Communication Studies in Public Relations with minors in Advertising and Brand Creativity & Event Management
Diploma in Arts

As someone who has always enjoyed managing events and public relations, Jorja Parmentier loved being able to combine both of these passions as part of her communications degree.

“I’ve always enjoyed planning events – from birthday parties to trips away – as well as PR, and AUT had the perfect combination of both subjects as part of my Bachelor of Communication Studies.

“Through my degree I was given an internship with Rhythm & Vines, which ended up getting me a full-time role with them a year later. It was a one in a million opportunity! I plan to keep working with Rhythm & Vines, and then hopefully work around the world within a few years.”

Choosing AUT
Deciding to come to AUT for her studies was easy, says Jorja who completed a Diploma in Arts, focusing on communication studies, before enrolling in the Bachelor of Communication Studies.

“I chose AUT because if offered everything I was interested in, in one place. I’d heard such great things about AUT from friends and family, and it’s a lot more hands-on than other universities.”

It's a decision she certainly hasn’t regretted.

“I’ve loved my studies – I’ve met so many amazing people and got given so many opportunities to learn from people in the industry. I was also able to create and put on my own event, which was so cool!”

Advice for other students
Expecting to graduate from AUT at the end of the year, Jorja has some great advice for other students who are only at the start of their university journey.

“My advice is to keep pushing for what you want.”

Make the most of your time at university, she adds.

“Don’t forget to have fun at AUT while doing your degree.”