Harman Jeet Singh

Harman Jeet Singh

2nd-year student, Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Finance

Deciding to study business was easy for him, says Harman Jeet Singh who is enrolled in a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Finance.

“I chose the Bachelor of Business because I’ve always been fascinated by how the economy functions, how to make your money work and gain financial independence, and how financial information impacts a business. I chose AUT because it’s known as a university that is leading the future of learning; moving away from having a couple of hundred students packed into a lecture theatre and instead having smaller, more interactive classes where lifelong connections can be made.

“Studying this programme at AUT will ensure your learning is a combination of both the basics and a future-based approach, integrating global topics and issues into your curriculum. The professors and teaching assistants are encouraging and always happy to assist you if needed. AUT also offers many industry-focused events to ensure you have an understanding of what the future could hold for you, as well as an opportunity to make connections within the field.”

As far as his own future is concerned, he has a pretty good idea how he sees life after university.

“Once I graduate I’d like to either become a CFA charter holder or a chartered accountant, but ultimately I plan to use my qualifications as a base to enter politics. That is a career I’d love to be involved in, hopefully creating political policies that favour all working classes and giving a voice to students, which is not seen in current politics.”

Making a difference
On top of the learning experience, Harman Jeet has enjoyed the variety of opportunities AUT offers.

“Whether it’s academic, personal or professional development, AUT ensures that students get the chance to experience various events and programmes throughout their time at university. For me, one example of this would be the opportunity to become an AUT student ambassador.

“I decided to become a student ambassador to help first-year students have a seamless transition from high school to university. From my experience I know that it can get overwhelming. As a student ambassador I can ensure that students are getting the information they need about how AUT operates and what services there are on campus, so they can make the most of university life.”

He loves the difference he can make through his role.

“The aspect I’m enjoying the most is working with other student ambassadors and creating many memorable moments at events like Orientations. I love knowing that this effort is making a difference in the lives of many students.”

Advice for other students
Currently in the second year of his studies, Harman Jeet has some great advice for other students.

“The advice I’d give other students is to make the most of university and the resources provided, take any opportunity you get and ask questions during classes. Let me reassure you, no question is a dumb question! Step out of your comfort zone to connect with new people, join clubs related to your interests, and take a break and explore what Auckland has to offer.

“Remember that your wellbeing matters, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed there are services and facilities at AUT that can guide you towards the right path.”

This is your journey, he adds.

“You’ll run into a lot of students, alumni, lecturers and industry professionals while you’re on your university journey, but remember this journey is yours. You’ll be laying a path for your future, which will impact you, so choose a degree that you’re most passionate about.”