Tanya Messay

Tanya Messay

Cyber Security Graduate, New Zealand Post
3rd-year student, Bachelor of Business in Information Systems & Human Resource Management and Employment Relations

The management and technological aspects of business have always fascinated her, says Tanya Messay who is studying a Bachelor of Business in Information Systems & Human Resource Management and Employment Relations.

“I’m intrigued by how organisations can use technology to improve their operations, processes, and the daily lives of their customers and employees. I also enjoy interacting with people and being able to contribute to the development of a productive and enjoyable workplace. Once I graduate, I’d like to further develop my skills and knowledge within the cyber security field that I’ve acquired in my current cyber security grad role with New Zealand Post.”

She says she would highly recommend AUT to other students.

“AUT is ideal for students who want a proper balance between academic work and practical activities where they can apply the abilities they learned at university in the real world. As information systems students, we have the great opportunity to gain hands-on experience with a wide variety of tools and technologies that are currently employed in many large corporations. This is fantastic since it allowed me to develop my technical skills.

“The last two years at AUT have been great as the lecturers were friendly and took the time to answer any concerns or questions I had. I was also honoured to be on the dean's honours list for 2021. This wouldn’t have been feasible without the incredible assistance of my lecturers and teaching assistants.”

Spending a day with an industry leader
One experience Tanya has particularly enjoyed was being able to shadow the general manager of OCG/Chandler McLeod, Oscar Dunn, through AUT’s Shadow a Leader programme.

“I acquired excellent insights into the day-to-day operations of a large organisation, as well as understanding how my courses adapt to the real working world. The highlight of my day was being able to speak to different employees inside the organisation, and inquire about their current role and past career experience.

“Through this experience I also got a permanent part-time job with the company while still studying. My experience helped me better grasp how both my majors – Information Systems, and Human Resource Management and Employment Relations – apply to the working world. More crucial though is that it has helped me discover my passion for the technology sector.”

She wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Shadow a Leader programme to others.

“It not only allows students to step out of their comfort zone but also allows them to understand what it takes to be a leader in a successful organisation. Lastly, it enables you to use the theory you’ve learnt at university and translate that into real-life practice, which is essential for careers in the professional services environment.”

Advice for other students
Seize any chance that presents itself, Tanya advises other students.

“Never be hesitant to attempt new experiences. We all dread failure, but you miss the opportunity if you don't attempt it at all. You will go through some ups and downs, but keep going because the payoff is worth it in the end.”

She also encourages students to take advantage of the resources and services available at AUT, including the Employability Lab and the AUT Edge Award.

“I’m currently completing my AUT Edge Award and making use of the employability services, including the CV/cover letter and interview assistance. As a result of this, I've made some vital connections and have grown in confidence. Businesses nowadays increasingly don't just look at your academic results, so it's critical that you work to develop into a well-rounded student if you want to stand out.”