Ha Viet Ly

Ha Viet Ly

1st-year student, Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in Networks and Cybersecurity & Data Science

The best way to learn is by doing, says Ha Viet Ly who came to AUT as an international student from Vietnam to study a Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in Networks and Cybersecurity & Data Science.

“I chose this degree because I enjoy gaining knowledge about computers and technology, and I want to pursue a career in networks and cybersecurity or any related field. Some of the careers I’m particularly interested in include roles as a security operations centre analyst or a penetration tester.

“What I’ve loved most about my studies so far are the practical labs and assignments. It’s just wonderful and somewhat enchanting to be able to take all the theoretical knowledge I’ve learnt in my lectures and then apply it in the labs to understand problems and implement solutions.”

Supported to thrive
Ha, who started her studies at AUT in mid-2023, says she is grateful for receiving a scholarship to support her studies.

“I was awarded the AUT International Scholarship – Southeast Asia. The financial support this scholarship offers has helped to reduce the burden on me and my family, and has enabled me to focus more on my studies.”

But it isn’t all about studying for her and she is also taking the time to make the most of university life.

“Aside from my academic pursuits, I also love engaging in extracurricular activities like playing sports at AUT’s Te Āhuru Recreation Centre and attending student club events hosted by AUT STEM Women or the AUT Computer Science and Engineering Association.”

Advice for other students
Ha’s advice for other students is simple: make friends and join clubs.

“Being part of a community while you’re at university can ease any feeling of loneliness and provide you with valuable learning experiences as you can learn from those around you.”

She wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences to others.

“The people, facilities and resources at AUT create a perfect environment for anyone to grow and develop in.”