Grace Ruby Broadhurst

Grace Ruby Broadhurst

Sales Coordinator, Warner Bros. Discovery
Shareholder & Marketing/Sales Advisor, FIZZLISS Ltd
Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Management
Bachelor of Arts in Event Management and Bachelor of Business in Market Insights: Marketing, Advertising, Retailing, Sales

She enjoys the variety her career offers, says Grace Ruby Broadhurst who now splits her time between working for Warner Bros. Discovery and New Zealand beverage maker FIZZLISS Ltd.

“As a sales coordinator for Warner Bros. Discovery, my responsibilities include client relations, TV buying and booking, campaign tracking and reporting, and system regression testing. I love working with such amazingly talented people! The work culture is awesome, and my colleagues are super supportive and fun. I enjoy working on some of the biggest brands – it’s great exposure and the work events are awesome.

“My work for FIZZLISS Ltd as a shareholder and marketing/sales advisor is also super varied – from digital marketing, concept design and copywriting to new product development and account management. My brother is one of the company’s founders and directors, and I’ve enjoyed helping him grow FIZZLISS into a thriving startup. It’s such a fun and fast-paced industry.”

An enjoyable experience
Studying business was the obvious choice for her, Grace says.

“I loved business studies in school and knew that the skills you develop in a business degree are sought after in most industries; allowing the opportunity for a variety of work and the potential to work with a diverse range of people.”

Throughout her time at AUT she had a number of highlights.

“The noho marae course was a highlight of mine. We got to stay overnight at the marae at the AUT City Campus, Ngā Wai o Horotiu. We participated in a range of Māori cultural activities and were given the opportunity to learn more about Māori culture. This course introduced me to some great friends and was a great bonding experience for those involved. I also loved working as a teaching assistant while doing my honours as I got to know a lot more of the faculty and students.

“Dr Yingzi Xu from the marketing department was always a massive support to me; not only as an excellent teacher but also as a boss and course coordinator. She was always super encouraging and supportive. I also met one of my favourite friends in the world in my first year at AUT and we’re still super close. This shows how important and beneficial making connections at uni can be.”

Advice for other students
Grace – who completed her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business in 2020, and her Bachelor of Business (Honours) in 2021 – has some great advice for other students.

“My advice is to totally immerse yourselves in uni life – they’re the best years of your life! You can make friendships and great connections at university that carry through into the working world.”

Her study tip is to treat uni like a job.

“Spend each working day of the week on campus and smash out your assignments, utilising the uni resources and your network. This will help you to avoid last-minute hand-in stress and help you achieve a better study-life balance.”