Chu Moo Paw

Chu Moo Paw

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Business in Marketing

Studying business at university was an obvious choice for her, says Chu Moo Paw who is currently in her third year of a Bachelor of Business in Marketing.

Part of Myanmar’s Karen community, she was born in a refugee camp in Thailand after her family left Myanmar due to the civil war. She was nine years old when she arrived in New Zealand.

“Growing up as a refugee, I always wanted to learn more about where money was coming from and how to make it, so that I could buy food for myself, my family and my friends. I was eager to learn how a business functions, how and where to make items desirable, and how to connect with consumers for the purpose of developing purposeful and meaningful projects.

“In completing this degree, my aim is to empower and support as many people as I can. I’d adore a career in marketing that involves producing educational and useful content for others, like blog articles, books, talk shows or recordings. I was drawn to the field of marketing because every day I learn new things about customer behaviour or how to establish a good brand. I hope to one day produce advertisements or items that will stick in people's minds.”

Choosing AUT
Chu Moo says she selected AUT for her studies because it encourages a collaborative environment where students can develop skills that will set them apart in their chosen careers.

“I adore how AUT supports creativity, entrepreneurship and the freedom to experiment with new technology. I prefer studying with other students, and I’ve found it interesting to interact with people from other cultures and languages. It's amazing to be able to share information and talents in a group setting.

“As an AUT student, I also have the opportunity to access an array of services and facilities that will help me achieve academically and make the most of my university experience. Other aspects I’ve appreciated about studying at AUT are that it’s fast and simple to access by bus or train, and that I have jovial teaching assistants who help make learning enjoyable, motivating and comfortable.”

She feels blessed to have received a number of scholarships to support her studies, says Chu Moo who has been awarded a Sir Robert Jones Refugee Daughters Scholarship, a Mangere College School Leaver Scholarship and an Auckland Council Youth Community Scholarship.

“These scholarships motivate and enable me to do my best in achieving my study goals. They reduce the stress level as I don’t have to worry about my university fees, loans or debt. These scholarships also enable me to connect and form friendships with former scholarships recipients. I want to encourage other women from refugee backgrounds to apply for the Sir Robert Jones Refugee Daughters Scholarship because it supports young women who desired a tertiary degree but were unable to pursue it because of unforeseen circumstances.”

Advice for other students
Chu Moo’s advice for other students is simple: never give up.

“Nothing in life is easy, but if you put your mind to it and pursue what you’re passionate about, you will succeed. Don't give up on your dreams.”

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, she adds.

“At AUT there are lots of good people willing to help you. For me, the Student Hub assisted me with my personal requirements like information about fees-free study and help with my enrolment. They occasionally also connected me with other facilities so I could receive the assistance I required. By offering welfare checks, fee assistance and financial support, and academic and personal advice, the Student Hub has made my time at university much simpler and more enjoyable.”