Carla Matabilas

Carla Matabilas

2nd-year student, Bachelor of Construction in Quantity Surveying

The assignments that have been designed to directly prepare her for real-world workplace scenarios are what she has enjoyed most about her studies, says Carla Matabilas who is studying a Bachelor of Construction in Quantity Surveying.

“I chose AUT because it strongly values practical learning alongside the theory, and I find that my learning best takes place through trial and error when I can implement the theoretical knowledge I’ve gained to real-life situations.

“For instance, a recent assignment I did was focused on creating CVs, cover letters and a career development plan. This not only helped me properly prepare essential professional documents but also fostered a strategic mindset towards career planning. I really appreciate how my coursework emphasises the practical application and actively supports my journey into the industry.”

She says her decision to study quantity surveying was influenced by her fondness for maths and geography.

“The analytical and problem-solving skills I developed in maths during high school, coupled with my interest in the interconnectedness between people and cultural environments as a concept in geography, led me to see quantity surveying as the right choice.”

Supported to thrive
The strong sense of camaraderie and mutual support is one of the aspects she likes most about student life at AUT, says Carla who received an AUT Welcome to Auckland Scholarship to support her studies.

“The sense of unity in the student community makes it incredibly easy to reach out and ask for help when needed and the willingness of everyone to reciprocate that support and lend a helping hand is truly moving.”

She has also appreciated the support from her lecturers.

“One of the biggest challenges I faced while studying was probably learning how to APA reference and how to properly structure my reports during my first few assignments. However, the lecturers always make sure to provide constructive feedback and insightful tips. I really appreciate that AUT’s lecturers are dedicated to students’ improvement.”

Advice for other students
Carla – who is currently in her second year and is proud of being recognised as a high-achieving student in the past two semesters – has some great advice for other students.

“My advice to other students is to consistently check your emails for information on events like career expos or seminars. AUT has many partnerships with companies, and talking with industry professionals can help with gaining more knowledge about the industry you want to join.”

She wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Bachelor of Construction to others.

“I’d 100% recommend this degree. It has a balanced mix of theoretical knowledge and practical learning, which I believe is crucial for real-world applications. The sense of community is strong at AUT, and the support from both your classmates and the academic staff is excellent.”