Reading subtitles from pre-recorded videos or audio

This section of our Adaptive Technology Guide explains how you can read subtitles from pre-recorded videos and audio. Subtitles let you read the words spoken on a video or other audio content. Some reasons for using subtitles are:

  • Help with understanding speech when you are unable to hear it
  • Comprehension of speech, for those who process text better than speech
  • Ensuring that you do not miss anything when you are in a noisy setting

Video resources on AUT services

The video resources on AUT services including Canvas and Panopto should already have an automatically generated transcription, so you should not have to generate subtitles for these. If they do not, contact Disability Support Services

Accessing content in videos without subtitles

You may come across videos without subtitles that you want to watch. There are several tools available on desktop, web, and mobile to help you access the content of these videos.



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