Enrolling in an elective course

An elective is a course of your choice you take simply for interest. It can be taken from almost any subject area at AUT. Elective courses count towards your qualification but not towards your major, minor or specialisation. If you need help with choosing and enrolling in elective courses, you can talk to your AUT school or department.

How to choose your electives

Keep the following in mind when thinking about electives:

  • Subject(s) you’re interested in. For an ‘Index of subject codes’ see the AUT Calendar
  • The level of the course. The first digit after the subject code shows the level of the course.  For example, HIST500 is a level 5 history course.
  • Prerequisites. Level 5 courses generally don’t have prerequisites. Level 6 and 7 courses are more likely to have prerequisites.
  • Not all courses are available as electives and may be restricted to students in a particular programme or discipline.

Search for courses

Looking for a specific course to enrol in as part of your programme? You can search for courses by name or topic using our course search tool. To see courses at a specific level, type in the four-letter subject code and the level – for example ACCT5 to see level 5 accounting courses. Click on a course to check out the timetable and view the course descriptor.


Contact your faculty for help

If you need help, contact your faculty's programme team who will be able to assist you. Refer to information from your faculty to find the right contacts.

Timetable clashes: what to do

If you have a timetable clash or you want to change class times, contact your programme administrator in your faculty for help.