COVID-19 information

Find out what you need to know about COVID-19 while you're studying at AUT, including access to campus, teaching delivery, and how you can get support if you need it.

Public health measures while on campus

As per government advice, mask wearing will now only be required when visiting the AUT Student Medical Centres.

All other areas, including lectures and classroom, café’s, the library and student services – mask wearing is optional and based on personal preference.

If you're sick, displaying cold or flu symptoms, or have tested positive for COVID-19

If you’re symptomatic or have tested positive for COVID-19, don’t attend campus or classes in person. Contact Healthline or visit the COVID-19 website for instructions on what to do, including testing.

If you're a household or close contact

The government no longer requires household contacts or close contacts of cases to isolate, provided they are both symptom-free and test negative. The Ministry of Health website has information on what you should do if you're a household contact or if you're a close contact. of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Student support if you're affected by COVID-19

We have a range of services for AUT students affected by COVID-19.

Support services at AUT

Requesting support

If you're impacted by COVID-19 you can also reach out to the AUT Student Hub and our advisors will be in contact to provide support.

COVID-19 request for support form

If you're unable to attend classes or complete assessments

If you can't attend classes or complete assessments because of your COVID-19 situation, let your school or faculty know.

Find out about assessment expectations, appeals and results:

Changes to delivery of courses: keep up to date

Delivery arrangements for each course, including any changes that are necessary, for example due to staff illness or isolation requirements, will be communicated to students via Canvas and your timetable.

Make sure you're getting info and study updates

Make sure you keep your personal contact details up to date with AUT so that you continue to get all updates about your study.

How to update your contact details

Related links to useful government information

New Zealand Government

New Zealand Ministry of Health online

COVID-19 vaccinations

All New Zealand Government vaccine mandates have been removed. Some New Zealand employers may still require workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

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