Assessments and assignments

You'll need to complete assignments in most of your courses while you're studying at AUT. Your lecturer will tell you when your assignments are due and what you need to cover or will tell you where to find this information. You can ask them questions to clarify any points about the assignments.

Finding information about assignments

You have access to various people, systems and services to help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to excel at assignments. Below are some places you can go to for more information or assistance with your assignments:


Canvas is AUT's web-based learning environment where you can access course material, key readings, course handbooks, announcements from lecturers and other resources to help manage your learning throughout your study. Each of the courses you're enrolled in will be available online through Canvas.


If you have trouble, contact the ICT Service Desk

AUT library

In addition to accessing books, journals, e-books and videos, the library also provides a range of services to help you with your coursework and research.

AUT library

​​​​How​ to submit an assignment​

Submitting to Turnitin

When you submit your assessments in Canvas, they usually get processed through Turnitin. Turnitin is a text matching tool that can tell you how similar your work is to other texts, like articles, books, webpages and other previously submitted assessments.

After the submission, you can view the files and comments you have submitted but you can't change them.

If, after submitting your assignment you realise that you've sent the wrong file, you need to contact your lecturer to clear your assignment attempt before you can re-submit.​

Late submission of assessments

Information outlining marking penalties for late submission (of up to 5 days) for summative assessments will be available for all courses in your course materials.

Examples of penalties for late submission include:

  • A reduction of one grade per day up to a maximum of 5 days (for those using marks this represents the equivalent of reducing an overall mark by 5% each day)
  • An incremental reduction of the highest possible mark for each learning outcome within the relevant assessment
  • Assessments submitted more than 5 days late (without an approved Special Consideration Application) will not be marked

Help with assessments

If you need help with assessments, you can use the following services:

  • Studiosity – a personal online help service that’s available after-hours and free of charge to provide guidance and feedback on a range of academic skills
  • AUT library – use the library to access assessment advice and resources including workshops
  • Canvas – get help with your researching, reading, writing, presenting, editing, publishing and referencing
  • Student Hub advisors – need some academic advice? Student Hub advisors can help

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The Hub

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Contact the Student Hub throughout your studies at AUT.

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Learn more about academic integrity

Find out more about copyright, intellectual property, referencing and plagiarism with our bite-sized modules on academic integrity. Each module has a short video, a bit of reading and interactive quiz questions.

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Can't hand in your assignment?

If for some reason you can't hand in an assignment on time, there is another option. Read more about 'special consideration' and when and how you can apply for it.

Special consideration for an assignment