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Understanding yourself and attaining optimal physical and mental well-being takes dedication and time. Join our Bright Side guides for interactive, enriching videos and exercises designed to get you thinking, moving and feeling better, in the following areas:


Join our Bright Side guide, Design Your Life coach Melissa Jenner, as she walks us through a series of exercises that will enhance our self-awareness and map out what a life of meaning and purpose looks like. You will need to download the resources for each video.


Join our Bright Side guide, former Olympic boxer Lex Pritchard, as she leads us on a series of short videos designed to get us motivated and moving.


Join our Bright Side guide, wellness coach Brian Berneman, on this guided session that will allow you to reduce anxiety and find a sense of calmness in your life.

Kete Kōrero

Kete Kōrero

Led by our health coaches, Kete Kōrero is a safe and collaborative space on campus where students can discuss and explore self-care and personal development techniques that cultivate physical and mental well-being, peer support and connection among students.

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Being well has a significant and positive impact on your studies. We encourage you to take a holistic approach to your health and understand how your physical, mental, spiritual and social health form the cornerstones of your wellbeing.

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