Reflection (AUT Edge Award)

The final stage of the AUT Edge Award is about reflecting on the employability skills and personal development. You can only do the reflection after you've completed the other parts of your AUT Edge Award.

Your reflection is formally assessed by AUT and - when passed - the AUT Edge Award is added to your academic transcript.

Why should you reflect on what you've learnt?

The point of the final reflection for your AUT Edge Award is to help you communicate to others about all the new skills you’ve gained and the different activities you’ve done from a personal and an employability perspective.

How to do your reflection

Choose your format

You can do your AUT Edge Award reflection through:

  • Writing
  • Video
  • Film
  • Presentation
  • Portfolio

​This is your opportunity to get creative and share your personal journey.

You must register for a final reflection info session to be able to continue into this last part of the AUT Edge Award. The session helps you find your focus and understand the reflection requirements.

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Other parts of this award

The AUT Edge Award take at least 79 hours to complete. As well as the reflection you also need to complete:

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