Leadership and volunteering

As an AUT student you have many opportunities to develop your leadership skills and get involved as a volunteer. It's a great way to get valuable experience for your CV. Find out how to get formal recognition of your employability skills with the AUT Edge Award or the Beyond AUT Award, and how to become an AUT student ambassador.

Why do an AUT employability award?

Want to stand out to employers? With the AUT Edge and Beyond AUT Awards you gain an extra edge in the competitive marketplace by developing sought-after skills through volunteering, leadership and employability activities. Check out the AUT Employability blog article about the awards.


AUT Employability award prize winners

What our students say

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Sophia Ernst

Bachelor of Business in Economics and Bachelor of International Hospitality Management in Event Management conjoint programmes
“Becoming a student ambassador enabled me to step out of my comfort zone. I wanted to give back to AUT and be someone students would feel comfortable reaching out to if they need help. Being in a position where my actions can have a positive impact on someone else’s experience at AUT is special.”
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Becca Callaghan

Bachelor of Business in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations
“I loved the opportunity to become a student ambassador at AUT. I’m someone who has always liked getting involved and giving back to communities I’m a part of, so becoming a student ambassador enabled me to do this for AUT. I got to meet some amazing people as part of the student ambassador programme and learned skills I still use today.”
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Giri Gonsai

Postgraduate Diploma in Computer and Information Sciences
“Initially I signed up for the AUT Edge Award as I knew I could add this to my CV, but as I started attending the seminars and doing the voluntary work I realised it was much more than that. The people I met, challenges I faced, advice I got and the experiences I had made me realise the importance of the skills I was developing by completing this award.”
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Feijie (Jefferson) Chen

Master of Professional Accounting
“Running and joining different student clubs was so much fun because I made friends, and improved my communication, collaboration and leadership skills, which helped me secure my current job. The other highlight was the time I got an AUT Edge Award Overall Achievement Award. All my efforts to balance study with volunteering and leadership programmes after class paid off.”
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Anna Erwood

Bachelor of Health Science in Public and Environmental Health
“Get involved and make the most of the opportunities during your time at AUT. I’ve been heavily involved with AUT during my studies, including working as a mentor, and I’ve also completed the AUT Edge Award. These experiences have helped me to develop better communication and networking skills, along with putting myself out there.”
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Amanda D’Souza

Bachelor of Business in Information Systems
“Completing the AUT Edge Award was definitely a highlight of my time at AUT. It equipped me with the skills I needed to enter the workforce, and the confidence to network with professionals and companies. Besides benefitting my professional career, it was also an awesome self-development challenge.”
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Saad Ali Hassan

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechatronics Engineering
“I was honoured to receive the AUT Edge Award. This unique achievement gives graduates an 'edge' over their competitors in the professional world. Getting recognised for my C skills – communication, collaboration, co-operation, curiosity and creativity – by AUT gives higher credibility to my career portfolio.”
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Lavenia Ana Taliai-Mataitini

Bachelor of Arts in Conflict Resolution
“I appreciated the availability of employability support and volunteering opportunities. I chose to do the AUT Edge Award because I felt like it was a great foundation for my career path and from the experiences I’ve gained friendships and more confidence.”

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AUT Edge and Beyond AUT Awards

Student ambassadors

Benefits of volunteering

  • Meet new people
  • Build networks that may open up job opportunities
  • Try out roles, organisations or industries you’re curious about
  • Gain experience in areas you have theoretical knowledge
  • Practise your skills in a safe space
  • Gain purpose and confidence
  • Be a kinder human being

Read more about student volunteering in the AUT Employability blog.