Shut Up and Write! group

To write up your research you need to write often, and you need to write well, but for most of us this is not easy. We're a group who meet to do sustained silent writing and have dedicated focused time for research without interruptions, and with the advantage of collegiality (and someone to keep you honest).

Whether you’re a postgraduate student writing your thesis, or a staff member writing your journal article/book chapter, this group is for you. These sessions are a chance to dedicate some focused time to working on your writing (literally Shut Up and Write) and hold yourself accountable for your work. You can work on anything writing related, so long as you work!

These sessions are about working on your own work and having support from other researchers, rather than a writing workshop like the ones offered by the AUT learning support advisors.

Who should join this group?

  1. Are you a research student or staff member trying to get on with writing?
  2. Are you (like many of us) great at procrastinating your writing?
  3. Are you looking for collegial support in writing?
  4. Do you want to write your thesis/journal article/book chapter quickly and effectively?
  5. Do you want to be a prolific writer? Do you want a successful writing experience?

When do we meet?

The online drop-in sessions are scheduled on Mondays 9.30am-11.45am through Zoom (sessions may change subject to demand).

You don't need to attend the full duration of the session, but it is handy if you do so, as it gives us a chance to chat to one another and provide support as needed. The format will be mainly the same as in-person sessions (described below). We will also use the chat screen for side conversations and any issues that people might be having with the session. When a pomodoro is on, everyone is muted (with video on). Everyone can unmute and chat during the break time.

Join the Zoom session

Format of the writing sessions

The format for our Monday morning sessions will be:

  • 9.30am Welcome and intros
  • 9.40am 1st pomodoro
  • 10.05am Short break (5 mins)
  • 10.10am 2nd pomodoro
  • 10.35am Short break (5 mins)
  • 10.40am 3rd pomodoro
  • 11.05am Short break (5 mins)
  • 11.10am 4th pomodoro (slightly longer)
  • 11.40am Debrief and reflect on journey
  • 11.45am Close

We have a nominated host for the session, and they are the timekeeper for the 25-minute pomodoros, during which there is no talking among the group. Group members can chat during the short breaks. We have short intros from everyone at the beginning – name, dept, what they’re working on.


If you have questions about the group, contact Scott Pilkington:

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