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Known for its expertise across counselling and psychotherapy, the Psychotherapy department is part of health sciences at AUT. We offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in counselling and psychotherapy, including New Zealand's only clinical psychotherapy programme at master's degree level.

Our programmes offer students the opportunity to develop the skills to facilitate personal growth or address issues like addictions, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and violence and trauma.

Research in health sciences

We believe in high-quality research that has impact, and have world-class researchers and research strengths across health sciences.

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Our research associations include:

Get hands-on experience in our health clinics

Students work with close supervision at our North Campus clinic, AUT Integrated Health. Open to the public, it offers health and rehab services, including psychotherapy.

AUT Integrated Health

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Carole Popman
Phone +64 9 921 9999 ext 7761

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Good design-disability
Dr Heather Came
Keith Tudor
Keith Tudor
Professor Keith Tudor
News pattern
Good design-disability
Good design can normalise disability
17 Nov, 2021
Harnessing the lived experience of disabled people is key to changing the face of disability and design at both a societal and personal level.
Dr Heather Came
New authority may transform Māori health
22 Apr, 2021
Dr Heather Came and Adjunct Professor Dominic O’Sullivan weigh-in on the establishment of a new Maori health authority in The Conversation.
Keith Tudor
Reimagine wellbeing together
22 Sep, 2020
AUT Professor of Psychotherapy, Keith Tudor, discusses wellbeing for Mental Health Awareness Week (September 21-27).
Keith Tudor
Pioneers of 'Co-creative TA' celebrated
24 Jul, 2020
AUT Professor of Psychotherapy, Keith Tudor, has received the 2020 Eric Berne Memorial Award in Transactional Analysis (TA).
Professor Keith Tudor
AUT celebrates 30 years of psychotherapy
24 Sep, 2019
Professor Keith Tudor reflects on ‘talk therapy’ – where we’ve been and why we need more.
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