Occupational Science and Therapy department

Part of health sciences at AUT, the Occupational Science and Therapy department aims to increase health professionals’ understanding of humans as occupational beings and the complexities and meanings of occupations.

Our teaching and research provides advanced occupational practice techniques and knowledge. We aim to further the skills of occupational therapists and play a critical role in inter-professional healthcare practice.

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We believe in high-quality research that has impact, and have world-class researchers and research strengths across health sciences.

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Get hands-on experience in our health clinics

Students work with close supervision at our North Campus clinic, Akoranga Integrated Health. Open to the public, it offers health and rehab services, including occupational therapy.

Akoranga integrated health

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Spotlight on Occupation highlights new developments in occupation research, evidence and opportunities at AUT.

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Saadiq Khan
Folole Fangupo
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Dr Ellen Nicholson
Head of Department
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