Occupational therapy: fieldwork information

Engaging and collaborating with tangata whenua/people is at the heart of occupational therapy practice. At AUT we strive to provide quality learning experiences for students to prepare them to enter the workforce at the end of the degree.

The information on this page is relevant to:

  • All registered kaiwhakaora ngangahau/occupational therapists interested in supporting fieldwork education; an integral component of the Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy)
  • Organisations interested in having a student in an emerging field for occupational therapy practice

Fieldwork (FW) educators play a vital role in providing effective learning environments for students; facilitating their learning and preparing them for future practice. We recognise the mahi/work that is required of FW educators and students to achieve optimal learning outcomes. We also acknowledge your commitment and dedication to upholding the integrity of the profession.

About AUT’s occupational therapy degree

Find out more about AUT’s Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy) and the courses students take in each year to get an idea what skills students have when they start their clinical placements.


Fieldwork dates 2024

  • Practicum 1 (Year 1)
    21 October - 1 November
  • Longitudinal Fieldwork Experience (Year 2 - Semester 1)
    13 March - 29 May
  • Longitudinal Fieldwork Experience (Year 2 - Semester 2)
    18 September - 30 October
  • Practicum 2 (Year 3)
    6 May - 27 June
  • Practicum 3 (Year 3)
    16 September - 6 November

Contact us to offer a placement

Zainab Badat
Clinical Practicum Leader
Phone: 021 577 548
Office location: AUT North Campus  
Office hours: Monday - Thursday

Amanda Bishop
Clinical Practicum Leader - Year 2 LFE Placement
Phone: 09 921 9999 ext 3006
Office location: AUT North Campus
Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Friday