Learning Modules

Practicum 2 Learning Module

This module is strongly recommended for OTs who are new to fieldwork education. Fieldwork educators must review the following video presentation prior to completing the questionnaire. A certificate will be awarded when the fieldwork educator achieves 100% pass mark. Numerous attempts can be made.

Intro to Practicum 2 (Video)

If a student doesn't meet the expected level of competence

If it looks like a student will not be meeting the expected level of competence for any of the criteria please contact the your CCP Leader who will inform the practicum leader to discuss how the student can be supported and facilitated to reach the expected level by the end of the placement.

About AUT’s occupational therapy degree

Find out more about AUT’s Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy) and the courses students take in each year to get an idea what skills students have when they start their clinical placements.