Economics working paper series

The Economics Working Paper Series constitutes work in progress. These papers are published to facilitate early debate and discussion. They represent work from economists across the School of Economics and the New Zealand Work Research Institute. They include the work of both staff and doctoral students across a wide range of research areas, demonstrating both the depth and breadth of research being undertaken.

Most of the working papers listed here are available PDF format and can be downloaded. For working papers not listed below, please contact the editor.

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20/01 Firms’ Asset Holdings and Inflation Expectations   
by Saten Kumar

20/02 Forecasting GDP growth from outer space   
by Jaqueson K. Galimberti

20/03 The Independent Woman - Locus of Control and Female Labor Force Participation   
by Juliane Hennecke

20/04 Information weighting under least squares adaptive learning   
by Jaqueson K. Galimberti

20/05 Reconciling Dominance and Stochastic Transitivity in Random Binary Choice   
by Matthew Ryan

20/06 Performance-based aid, enhanced advising, and the income gap in college graduation: Evidence from a randomized controlled trial   
by Christopher Erwin, Melissa Binder, Cynthia Miller, Kate Krause

20/07 Measuring Inequality using Geospatial Data   
by Jaqueson K. Galimberti, Stefan Pichler, Regina Pleninger

20/08 When there is no way up: Reconsidering low-paid jobs as stepping stones   
by Gail Pacheco, Alexander Plum

20/09 Impact of State Children’s Health Insurance Program on Fertility of Immigrant Women   
by Kabir Dasgupta, Keshar Ghimire, Alexander Plum

20/10 Heterogeneity in Criminal Behavior after Child Birth: The Role of Ethnicity   
by Kabir Dasgupta, André Diegmann, Tom Kirchmaier and Alexander Plum

20/11 Predicting the National Football League Potential of College Quarterbacks   
by J. Dean Craig and Niven Winchester

20/12 The Devil is in the Details: Identifying the Unbiased Link between Access to Alcohol and Criminal Behavior   
by Kabir Dasgupta, Christopher Erwin and Alexander Plum

20/13 In and Out of Unemployment – Labour Market Dynamics and the Role of Testosterone   
by Peter Eibich, Ricky Kanabar, Alexander Plum, and Julian Schmied

20/14 Application of the CLEAN Algorithm to Three Dimensional Coded Aperture Imaging   
by Kevin Byard

20/15 Human Capital Formation and Changes in Low Pay Persistence   
by Kabir Dasgupta and Alexander Plum

Editor of the working paper series

Professor Gail Pacheco

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