Culture shock if you’re an international student

It’s common for international students to experience feelings of excitement and enthusiasm on arriving in New Zealand. Everything is new and exciting. However, once you’ve settled in a bit you may experience feelings of frustration, loneliness or uneasiness.

These feelings are a natural part of adapting to a new culture. This “culture shock” affects most international students in a new country.

Symptoms of culture shock

  • Lacking direction, not knowing what to do or how to do things in New Zealand. The way you lived or behaved before may not be accepted or considered normal here
  • Feeling isolated, frustrated, homesick, angry or hostile toward your new home
  • Being overly dependent on other international students
  • Doubting your decision to come to New Zealand

You may experience one or more of these symptoms, and different people will experience them with varying degrees of intensity.

Tips for managing culture shock

  • Prepare yourself to become independent
  • Keep busy and interact with others
  • Establish simple goals and evaluate your progress
  • Talk to someone who has been through the cultural adaptation process
  • Keep up your normal fitness and social routines

Things to remember about culture shock

  • It’s a normal part of the adaptation process
  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, adapting will take time. Be patient
  • Be open-minded and try to remember that New Zealand is a different country to your own. People will behave in ways that may seem odd to you. Avoid making judgements
  • Focus on all the good things you’ve encountered from your experience of living in New Zealand

Once you begin to understand New Zealand culture, you won’t feel as lost and will begin to gain a sense of direction.

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