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Brand activism and business success

27 Mar, 2024
Jessica Vredenburg highlights the significance of brand activism, revealing 70% of consumers expect brands to publicly stand for sociopolitical issues.
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New name, continued focus for institute

19 Mar, 2024
The launch of AUT’s NZ Policy Research Institute | Te Kāhui Rangahau Mana Taurite marks a renewed commitment to doing research that matters.
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How effective were vaccine mandates?

29 Feb, 2024
AUT Researchers looked at whether the vaccine mandates increased COVID-19 vaccination rates and their impact on employees.
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Corruption rankings bad for ‘Brand NZ’

15 Feb, 2024
New Zealand’s once strong international reputation is now starting to tell a different story, writes AUT Business School’s Matt Raskovic.
Associate Dean of Research for HES, Nicola Kayes

AUT secures $5.8m in research funding

14 Feb, 2024
The Health Research Council (HRC) funding announced in December has proven to be a boon for AUT’s academics.
Making Return to Office (RTO) work

Making Return to Office (RTO) work

12 Feb, 2024
AUT Business School Professor Helena Cooper Thomas explores how strict return to office (RTO) policies may hinder talent attraction and retention.
2024 NZ sustainability survey launches

2024 NZ sustainability survey launches

07 Feb, 2024
The annual Insights on NZ’s Sustainability Professionals survey opens today and as a survey partner, AUT is inviting eligible participants to take part.
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Mātauranga māori in the media

01 Feb, 2024
Business School Professor Ella Henry, with Associate Professor Christina Milligan from the School of Communications, conducted a study on mātauranga Māori
An older woman working with two younger colleagues.

Older workers and work-life balance

01 Feb, 2024
There is the temptation to treat all older workers as the same, but new research shows this is a mistake.
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Is your HR department strong in DEI?

22 Jan, 2024
Professor of Management, Candice Harris, examines the growing focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within Human Resources functions.


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