Sustainability at AUT

AUT is committed to achieving sustainability and taking action in light of local and global challenges. We continue to nurture a culture of sustainability through learning, teaching, research, partnerships and how we operate our facilities.

Sustainability Roadmap and the Taskforce for Sustainability

AUT’s Sustainability Roadmap outlines sustainability objectives, priority actions and targets across learning, research, governance and facilities.

The roadmap will be launched at AUT on 19 October by the Minister of Climate Change. It was developed by the Vice-Chancellor's Taskforce for Sustainability with input from staff and students. It supports AUT’s contribution towards the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Member of the UN’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network

In early 2016 AUT became a member of the UN’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network. The network supports implementation of the SDGs through mobilisation of scientific and technical expertise from academia, civil society and the private sector.

UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network website

The new Engineering, Design and Technology building includes sustainability features like ‘solar fins’ on the building’s exterior.
NZ Tree App showcase
The AUT app 'NZ Trees' helps people identify native trees
Whale in Kaikoura
Bottlenose dolphins
How should we tackle the climate crisis?
62% increase in AUT researchers
Whale in Kaikoura
The future of NZ’s marine environment
15 Jul, 2019
Two AUT researchers, Dr Rebecca Jarvis and Dr Tim Young, surveyed New Zealand’s marine scientists to discover the key areas where more research is needed.
Bottlenose dolphins
Safe altitude for drones
10 Jul, 2019
Researchers from the Auckland University of Technology have found the safest distance to fly drones over marine mammals.
How should we tackle the climate crisis?
How should we tackle the climate crisis?
09 Jul, 2019
A new book edited by Dr David Hall aims to shift the discussion on climate change – from what needs to be done to how we should deal with it now.
Reducing our avocado waste
17 Jun, 2019
An AUT PhD student is working to convert avocado waste into compostable packaging in response to the large amount of waste sent to landfill every year.
62% increase in AUT researchers
62% increase in AUT researchers
30 Apr, 2019
Growing expertise to help New Zealand and the world

16th in the world for social impact

AUT is ranked 16th in the Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings, which assess the social impact of universities against the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

News story: global top 16 for sustainability