Carbon reduction efforts

AUT has set a target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2025 (compared to a 2015 baseline).

AUT's 2020 emissions

In 2020 AUT produced 5,778 tonnes CO2 – less than half of 2019’s 13,034 tonnes. This was mainly due to COVID-19 lockdowns, reduced air travel, and reduced energy consumption.

Here is a breakdown of our emissions in 2020:

  • Air travel 9.3%
  • Commuter travel 33%
  • Electricity 27%
  • Natural gas 9.3%
  • Transmission and distribution losses 2.9%
  • Fuel 0.8%
  • Shuttle bus 1.8%
  • Waste 1.6%
  • Refrigerants 12.12%

(This information has not been audited, but we are working with other New Zealand universities to ensure our methodologies are in line with theirs.)

Decarbonising our operations

AUT is committed to decarbonising our operations with various sustainability measures. Learn about what we are doing in this space.

Facilities and operations

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