Facilities and operations at AUT (sustainability)

AUT embraces sustainability through the operation of our facilities. Projects that provide sustainability benefits are being implemented as we move to environmentally restorative practices.

AUT's electric bus
Mobile phone recycling stations across AUT
There are mobile phone recycling points on each campus
recycling stations at AUT's cafe
Help us become 'zero waste': recycling, composting and rubbish bins at #newsfeed cafe
Beehives at AUT
Beehives at the City Campus produce honey that will be used in the AUT cafes

AUT's sustainability targets

Learn about all of our sustainability targets, and what we're doing to achieve them, in the AUT Sustainability Roadmap.

Sustainability Roadmap

Studying sustainability at AUT

We offer a range of sustainability courses where 100% of class hours are spent on sustainability content.

Sustainability courses