Transport (sustainable operations)

AUT aims to provide environmentally sustainable, equitable and convenient ways to travel to and between campuses while encouraging staff and student wellbeing through active modes of transport like walking and cycling. At the moment, transport is our largest contributor to carbon emissions: travel by car to campus makes up a third of AUT’s total CO2e emissions.

What we're doing to meet transport targets

AUT’s target in the Sustainability Roadmap is to reduce CO2e emissions associated with AUT’s shuttle buses, fleet, commuter, and air travel by 50% by 2025. We will:

  • Promote active and public transport for commuting to and from AUT.
  • Make traveling to AUT more sustainable, equitable and financially viable.
  • Improve facilities for bicycles, e-bikes and scooters to reduce the demand for cars.
  • Make the best use of emerging and future transport technologies.
  • Reduce single occupancy vehicle journeys in fuel vehicles by providing attractive, alternative choices.

Transport initiatives on campus

We're working on lots of initiatives to promote active and shared modes of transport so that we can reduce our CO2e emissions. Here's what we're doing.

Electric shuttle between campuses

New Zealand’s first electric bus operates a shuttle service between the City and South campuses for students and staff. It has a range of 180km before it needs to be charged and CO2 emissions are reduced by 80% per trip in comparison to a diesel bus.

The body of the bus was designed and manufactured in New Zealand and the bus is providing valuable information for PhD candidates around the impact of deploying commercial electric vehicles.

Bike facilities

AUT has bike racks and motorcycle parks on all three campuses for staff and students to use, and there are plans to upgrade bike facilities over the next few years. A 2021 survey of people who commute by bike will inform which cycle facilities should be prioritised for inclusion or upgrade.

Bike to Work Breakfast

AUT held the inaugural Bike to Work Breakfast in 2021 to celebrate our active commuters. This event was attended by Auckland Transport and Bike Auckland who provided a valet bike service, bike maintenance, and giveaways and games.

What you can do

Here's what you can do to travel more sustainably:

  • Ditch your car for sustainable modes of transport instead: try walking and biking, public transport or carpooling. Full time students get a discount on public transport in Auckland
  • If you are considering buying a new vehicle, consider electric
  • Catch AUT’s shuttle if you need to travel between the South and City Campuses

AUT's sustainability targets

Learn about all of our sustainability targets, and what we're doing to achieve them, in the AUT Sustainability Roadmap.

Sustainability Roadmap

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