Sustainability roadmap

AUT’s Sustainability Roadmap to 2025 outlines sustainability objectives, priority actions and targets across learning, research, governance and facilities. It supports AUT’s contribution towards the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Lucy McKenzie, Head of Sustainability, and Amelia Adams, Sustainability Graduate, are both working to implement the Sustainability Roadmap and the Sustainability Plan

Guardian of the roadmap

Launched in October 2018 by the Minister of Climate Change, the roadmap was developed by the former Vice-Chancellor's Taskforce for Sustainability, with input from AUT staff and students.

In 2023, the Sustainability Steering Committee was established to replace the former Taskforce and includes three staff from AUT’s executive leadership team, as well as the Head of Sustainability. The group is the guardian of the roadmap and plan, providing advice and ensuring that progress on targets is being made, and also updating the roadmap to reflect changes in technology, policy, economy and society.

Sustainability Roadmap to 2025

Sustainability Roadmap to 2025

Download the Sustainability Roadmap to 2025 summary

The Sustainability Roadmap describes AUT's core sustainability concepts, directions, mission and vision and explains some of the things students and staff can do to be part of making AUT more actively sustainable.

Sustainability Plan

Sustainability Plan

Download the Sustainability Plan to 2025 full document

The Sustainability Plan is a companion document to the Sustainability Roadmap, providing detailed explanations of our sustainability objectives, example actions and targets.

UN's Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainability Roadmap supports AUT’s contribution towards the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The goals describe how we can achieve a better future, addressing global challenges like poverty, inequality and climate change.

Sustainable Development Goals on UN website