Sustainability at AUT

AUT is committed to achieving sustainability and taking action in light of local and global challenges. We continue to nurture a culture of sustainability through learning, teaching, research, partnerships and how we operate our facilities.

Sustainability Roadmap and the Taskforce for Sustainability

AUT’s Sustainability Roadmap outlines sustainability objectives, priority actions and targets across learning, research, governance and facilities.

Launched in October 2018 by the Minister of Climate Change, the road map was developed by the Vice-Chancellor's Taskforce for Sustainability with input from staff and students. It supports AUT’s contribution towards the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Member of the UN’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network

In early 2016 AUT became a member of the UN’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network. The network supports implementation of the SDGs through mobilisation of scientific and technical expertise from academia, civil society and the private sector.

UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network website

The new Engineering, Design and Technology building includes sustainability features like ‘solar fins’ on the building’s exterior.

Illustration of a tree in a field with one half affected by climate change and the other healthy and green.
Blue Economy research
Reverse vending machine
Better recycling is less waste more jobs
Energy efficiency
News pattern
Illustration of a tree in a field with one half affected by climate change and the other healthy and green.
Do we follow or lead on climate change?
06 Oct, 2020
When the Zero Carbon Act was passed, back in pre-Covid times, the Prime Minister insisted “New Zealand will not be a slow follower” on climate change.
Blue Economy research
$2.7m for offshore aquaculture
29 Sep, 2020
AUT ecologist Dr Kay Vopel is leading a project to develop new protocols for offshore fish farming.
Reverse vending machine
A reverse vending machine?
24 Sep, 2020
A Reverse Vending Machine that takes rather than gives is up and running at AUT.
Better recycling is less waste more jobs
Better recycling = less waste, more jobs
21 Sep, 2020
Investment in New Zealand’s recycling industry will not only reduce waste to landfills, but create jobs as part of our COVID-19 economic recovery.
Energy efficiency
AUT: Lowest energy intensity
10 Sep, 2020
AUT has rated as one of the lowest energy intensity universities in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

23rd in the world for social and economic impact

The Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings 2020 rank AUT 23rd overall, and 1st in the world for our commitment to decent work and economic growth.

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