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Award-winning AUT Architecture student

Award-winning AUT Architecture student

02 Dec, 2022
AUT Master of Architecture (Professional) graduate Matangireia Yates Francis has won the prestigious Te Kāhui Whaihanga Resene Student Design Award.
Professor Kate Kearins

Making sustainable practices work

03 Nov, 2022
The challenge of decarbonising requires concerted action and new approaches from governments, businesses, and individuals alike.
Calling time on the imperial lawn

Calling time on the imperial lawn

02 Nov, 2022
By planting trees on third of the world’s city lawns, we could absorb 6 billion tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere over 20 years.
Robot turtles for ocean conservation

Robot turtles for ocean conservation

Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences
02 Nov, 2022
Great Barrier Reef research brings AUT scientists a step closer in the development of a drone turtle that will monitor biodiversity in our oceans.
A screenshot of the cartoon video showing waves encroaching on Tokelau.

Tokelau Language Week 2022

Social sciences and public policy
25 Oct, 2022
The final episode of AUT’s 2022 Pacific Language Week Video series – AUT Focus on Sustainability — has been released.
A screenshot from the video showing tourists in a boat and a whale jumping out of the water.

Niue Language Week 2022

Hospitality, tourism and events
17 Oct, 2022
Episode 8 of AUT’s 2022 Pacific Language Week Video series – AUT Focus on Sustainability – was launched this week.
A screenshot from AUT's Fiji Language Week video showing a cartoon hotelier with some tourists.

Fijian Language Week 2022

Hospitality, tourism and events
03 Oct, 2022
We’re pleased to launch Episode 7 of AUT’s 2022 Pacific Language Week Video series – AUT Focus on Sustainability.
David Hall standing hands in pockets amongst the trees in Albert Park.

Can cities plant away climate emissions?

Social sciences and public policy
28 Sep, 2022
In the real world, David Hall argues, this is not feasible, fair or future-proofed for cities to just plant their way out of climate change.
A screenshot from the video showing a cartoon scene of people in Tuvalu cleaning their beach.

Tuvalu Language Week 2022

Architecture and built environment
27 Sep, 2022
Episode six of AUT’s 2022 Pacific Language Week Video series – AUT Focus on Sustainability – went live this week.
Artwork responds to climate crisis

Artwork responds to climate crisis

23 Sep, 2022
Combining matauranga Māori and western science, an online artwork tracks the decline of Haupapa Tasman Glacier.
Khylee Quince Liz Fisher Vernon Rive

Being radical in time of climate crisis

20 Sep, 2022
AUT Law School hosted a public lecture by Environmental Law Professor Liz Fisher, a distinguished legal academic from Oxford University.
Hospitality work: A map for change

Hospitality work: A map for change

02 Sep, 2022
Almost three years after COVID-19 hit New Zealand, the hospitality sector is slowly rebuilding.
Guiding tourism in the Pacific Islands

Guiding tourism in the Pacific Islands

Hospitality, tourism and events
25 Aug, 2022
With visitors now returning to the Pacific Islands, AUT is helping destinations make better decisions on building back.
Dr David Hall

AUT on track to a more sustainable future

04 Aug, 2022
A new report has found AUT is on track to meet a range of critical targets and key sustainability priorities and objectives.
A screenshot of the video, showing islanders fishing and selling seafood in a market.

Cook Islands Language Week 2022

01 Aug, 2022
Episode four of AUT’s 2022 Pacific Language Week Video series – AUT Focus on Sustainability – is now live.
A cartoon graphic showing green technologies and a hand holding a coin.

Was Covid-19 good for climate spending?

Social sciences and public policy
18 Jul, 2022
The global Covid-19 pandemic gave an opportunity to spend on New Zealand’s response to the climate crises, but did it?
Screenshot of the video showing people of Kiribati holding a sign that says

Kiribati Language Week 2022

Sport and recreation
11 Jul, 2022
We’re pleased to launch our Kiribati episode of AUT’s 2022 Pacific Language Week Video series – AUT Focus on Sustainability.
A photo of NZ coastline, with flax in the foreground and a wild beach.

Build back better: A catalyst for change

Hospitality, tourism and events
01 Jul, 2022
COVID-19 devastated international tourism in 2020, and the pandemic’s impacts are still being acutely felt in 2022.
Maibritt Pedersen Zari

Living cities combat climate change

Architecture and built environment
29 Jun, 2022
Planted walls and rooftops, wetlands, tree-lined roadsides and urban ngahere help mitigate climate change. We need more of them in our cities now.
A screenshot of the video showing a cartoon depiction of a Samoan island.

Samoa Language Week 2022

31 May, 2022
Episode two of AUT’s 2022 Pacific Language Week Video series – AUT Focus on Sustainability – is live.

Anchors cause damage to seafloor

18 May, 2022
High-resolution mapping has produced the first ever global estimates of coastal habitat damage caused by anchoring.
Air of compromise

Emissions reduction plan lacks strategy

Social sciences and public policy
18 May, 2022
The newly released Emissions Reduction Plan was supposed to get real about urgent climate action – and it partially achieves this, but only partially.
Erica Hinckson

Creating healthy and sustainable cities

Health sciences
16 May, 2022
A ground-breaking study has benchmarked urban planning policies that promote health and sustainability in cities around the globe.
Screenshot of the video showing the words

Rotuman Language Week 2022

Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences
09 May, 2022
The first episode of AUT’s 2022 Pacific Language Week video series – AUT Focus on Sustainability – has been released for Rotuman Language Week.
Pacific Language Weeks banner.

2022 Pacific Language Weeks

06 May, 2022
AUT is proud to participate in the 2022 Pacific Language Weeks series. This year’s theme is ‘sustainability’.
2022 AUT University Ranking

AUT rises in global impact rankings

28 Apr, 2022
AUT has again been ranked amongst the world’s leading universities in the 2022 Times Higher Education Impact Rankings, rising 16 places from last year.
Dion Enari

Five questions with Lefaoali’i Dion Enari

Sport and recreation
07 Apr, 2022
We asked him five questions about his research and the importance of placing sustainability at the heart of research activity.
Sustainability presentation at AUT

AUT wins global sustainability award

28 Mar, 2022
An AUT initiative that has overhauled practical sustainability has been recognised at the inaugural 2021 Green Impact International Special Awards.
Nz Trees App

NZ Tree intel in your pocket, even offline

16 Mar, 2022
AUT’s popular NZ Trees app has been updated with more than double the number of native plants now included as well as an offline feature.
AUT equipment arrives to Tonga aboard a New Zealand Defence Force plane. Supplied: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Graduate and AUT help Tongan recovery

Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences
18 Feb, 2022
An AUT engineering graduate living in Tonga reached out to AUT staff to help reconnect vital communications following the devastating volcanic eruption.
AUT to teach Climate Action

AUT to teach Climate Action

Social sciences and public policy
09 Dec, 2021
How to change society in order to combat climate change can now be studied at AUT.
Kay Vopel

Research a step to predict ocean future

25 Nov, 2021
Research which sheds light on the response of coastal ecosystems to increased atmospheric carbon dioxide will help predict the future of coastal waters.
Monique Cooper

AUT’s first Rhodes Scholar

23 Nov, 2021
Product development engineer Monique Cooper is the first ever AUT graduate to be awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship.
Ecology contribution

Reconsidering the ecological impact of introduced species in NZ

23 Nov, 2021
Considering climate change and species loss, fighting all exotics maybe counterproductive to the ecosystems we’re trying to save, says AUT ecologist.
Electric bus

Spotlight on sustainability

09 Nov, 2021
AUT’s inaugural Sustainability Report assesses our progress in creating a greener and more sustainable future.
Dr Syrie Hermans

Rutherford postdoctoral fellow award

03 Nov, 2021
Dr Syrie Hermans, has been awarded a Rutherford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship to research how microbes in the soil benefit agricultural ecosystems.
Sustainable Intent

The sustainable in-tent: fashion design

Art and design
01 Nov, 2021
For final-year fashion student Molly Whitehead, sustainability and bringing old back has been central to her study at AUT.
Recycled Reuse-cup, Jake Clayton

Teaching sustainability in design

Art and design
20 Oct, 2021
For Industrial Design students at AUT, light-proof milk bottles are a valuable resource to be reimagined in a circular economy challenge.
Offshore fish farms

Research: offshore fish farms

19 Oct, 2021
AUT is leading a large 36-month international project to develop a technique to assess the environmental impact of offshore aquaculture.

SfTI funds bio-inspired underwater robot

Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences
24 Sep, 2021
Dr Lorenzo Garcia has secured $200,000 of funding in the latest round of the Science for Technological Innovation National Science Challenge.
Plastic free July

Refuse to use: Plastic free July at AUT

Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences
06 Jul, 2021
AUT staff and students have come together to go plastic-free this July. Get their top tips for reducing plastic all year round.
AUT Drone Lab group photo

AUT Drone Lab Antarctic Conservation

17 Jun, 2021
AUT’s Drone Lab is part of the Australian Research Council $A36m project Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future (SAEF) project.
Energy Efficiency

AUT: How we managed to kill the ‘bill’

13 May, 2021
Despite 2020 being peppered with COVID lockdowns, they were not the only contributor to impressive savings for AUT’s energy bill.
Lightbulb in soil

Five questions with Professor Ricky Chan

10 May, 2021
We asked Professor Ricky Chan five questions about his research following his appointment to Professor.

Prosthetic fins for injured sea turtles

Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences
31 Mar, 2021
Researchers from AUT BioDesign Lab have developed a prosthetic fin to rehabilitate injured sea turtles.
Kauri stump

Leafless Kauri stump

16 Feb, 2021
Such undead tree stumps have been observed for almost 200 years, but the evolutionary and physiological processes leading to their existence remain a myste
Auckland Bike Challenge

Aotearoa Bike Challenge

09 Feb, 2021
The Aotearoa Bike Challenge is on now! Hear from Senior Lecturer Dr David Hall to see why he bikes and what advice he has.

Climate Science 2020 – 10 New Insights

02 Feb, 2021
Professor Sebastian Leuzinger outlines some of 2020's significant findings within the field of climate science.
Photo of Professor Marjo Lips-Wiersma

2021 NZ Sustainability survey launches

18 Jan, 2021
Eligible participants are invited to complete the second annual survey on NZ's sustainability profession.
A climate protest march with protesters hold up a giant globe.

Climate emergency: Inspire hope not fear

Social sciences and public policy
01 Dec, 2020
A declaration of a climate emergency is not the same as action.
A screenshot of part of the book's front cover, showing a red Earth from space and a space station floating above it.

Scorchers: A climate-fiction anthology

Language and culture
13 Nov, 2020
A new antipodean anthology of climate change short fiction might just contribute to humanity imagining its way out of this existential crisis.
A misty forest.

A roadmap to action for climate finance

Social sciences and public policy
10 Nov, 2020
AUT academics have helped put together a comprehensive new report on how we can reform our financial system to help fight the climate crisis.
Green Impact

Green Impact 2020

05 Nov, 2020
This year AUT teams completed an impressive 153 sustainability related actions aimed at making our university more environmentally friendly.
Sustainable food

Students focus on sustainable food

Sport and recreation
27 Oct, 2020
Around 50 students within the School of Sport and Recreation spent Semester 1 thinking, writing and studying food and nutrition.
Illustration of a tree in a field with one half affected by climate change and the other healthy and green.

Do we follow or lead on climate change?

Social sciences and public policy
06 Oct, 2020
When the Zero Carbon Act was passed, back in pre-Covid times, the Prime Minister insisted “New Zealand will not be a slow follower” on climate change.
Blue Economy research

$2.7m for offshore aquaculture

29 Sep, 2020
AUT ecologist Dr Kay Vopel is leading a project to develop new protocols for offshore fish farming.
Reverse vending machine

A reverse vending machine

24 Sep, 2020
A Reverse Vending Machine that takes rather than gives is up and running at AUT.
Better recycling is less waste more jobs

Better recycling is less waste more jobs

21 Sep, 2020
Investment in New Zealand’s recycling industry will not only reduce waste to landfills, but create jobs as part of our COVID-19 economic recovery.
Energy efficiency

Lowest energy intensity of NZ universities

10 Sep, 2020
AUT has rated as one of the lowest energy intensity universities in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.
Sustainability in Spring

Sustainability in Spring

04 Sep, 2020
Spring is here and AUT has some events coming up later in September where you can enjoy being outside and learn or try something new.
Metamorphic materials

Metamorphosis - from waste to fashion

Creative technologies
04 Aug, 2020
Donna Cleveland reimagines fashion with a circular model, diverting textile waste from landfill and giving it new life in designer fashion.
Cartoon depiction of a health professional checking a child's ear.

Pacific language videos: Cook Islands

Health sciences
03 Aug, 2020
The Cook Islands episode in AUT’s Pacific language video series – ‘Adapting to a changing world, shaping resilient futures’ – is out now.
Clean Energy

$1.29m for ‘clean energy’ project

21 Jul, 2020
AUT is set to receive $1.29 million from the latest round of funding from the Government's New Zealand Upgrade Programme.
Replacing farm animals with crops

Switching farm animals for crops?

21 Jul, 2020
Climate Explained: What if we took all farm animals off the land and planted crops and trees instead? Professor Sebastian Leuzinger investigates.
Green Impact

Green Impact Australasian awards

21 Jul, 2020
Annie McKillop, Staff Development & Engagement Co-ordinator at AUT Library, has been named Staff Champion in the Green Impact Australasian awards.
Sustainability block cover

Role of sustainability experts explored

Business and economics
12 Jun, 2020
AUT participated in a collaborative research project delving into the rapidly evolving roles of sustainability professionals in NZ organisations.
Energy consumption image

Market leading energy rating for AUT

08 Jun, 2020
An AUT building has been awarded 5 out of 6 stars for the NABERSNZ Energy Rating putting it amongst some of the most energy efficient buildings in NZ.
Text on a woven Pacific background:

Pacific language video series

Health sciences
08 May, 2020
A video series by AUT will highlight the Pacific Islands Families (PIF) Study’s work in shaping resilient futures for Pacific communities.
THE Impact Ratings

AUT ranked in top 25 for tackling global issues

24 Apr, 2020
The latest THE Impact Rankings have been released and AUT ranks 23rd in the world and 1st against the Decent Work and Economic Growth goal
Life on land

Recloaking the land

10 Mar, 2020
AUT Science project Living Labs, is researching the best ways to reintroduce native forest to marginal land across New Zealand.
Grounds maintenance staff with electric equipment

Grounds maintenance goes green

10 Feb, 2020
AUT's Estates team has brought in two new grounds maintenance contractors who are committed to using all electric gear where possible.
WH Building solar fins

AUT awarded for revolutionising energy

11 Dec, 2019
AUT has won the Revolutionising Energy Award at the 2019 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.
AUT Living Labs - Orakei

AUT Living Labs raised at UN

23 Sep, 2019
AUT Living Laboratories, a project to restore native forest, will be presented at the UN Climate Action Assembly in New York.
Ecologist Dr Nicola Day

Climate change article makes cover of Nature

23 Aug, 2019
AUT applied ecologist Dr Nicola Day has published paper on climate change in Nature which features on the cover.  
Students taking part in Hackathon

Student hackathon works to reduce waste

14 Aug, 2019
AUT students recently collaborated with industry to tackle environmental issues producing potential solutions in just eight hours.
Whale and diver

Tongan whales affected by tourism

18 Jul, 2019
AUT research shows that the intensive swim-with-whale tourism in Tonga is disturbing natural behaviour patterns.
Whale in Kaikoura

The future of NZ’s marine environment

15 Jul, 2019
Two AUT researchers, Dr Rebecca Jarvis and Dr Tim Young, surveyed New Zealand’s marine scientists to discover the key areas where more research is needed.
Bottlenose dolphins

Study: safe altitude for flying drones over marine animals

10 Jul, 2019
Researchers from the Auckland University of Technology have found the safest distance to fly drones over marine mammals.
How should we tackle the climate crisis?

How should we tackle the climate crisis?

09 Jul, 2019
A new book edited by Dr David Hall aims to shift the discussion on climate change – from what needs to be done to how we should deal with it now.

Reducing our avocado waste

17 Jun, 2019
An AUT PhD student is working to convert avocado waste into compostable packaging in response to the large amount of waste sent to landfill every year.
62% increase in AUT researchers

62% increase in AUT researchers

30 Apr, 2019
Growing expertise to help New Zealand and the world

Global top 16 for sustainability

04 Apr, 2019
AUT #16 overall, #2 for Sustainable Cities & Communities and #9 for Gender Equality in global rankings.
Puwera landfill

Follow your waste at AUT

22 Mar, 2019
In 2018, AUT produced 692 tonnes of waste, which ended up in a landfill, generating 82 tonnes of CO2. But where does it go and how did this happen?
Mia Evans from Clever Little Monthly

Clever Little Monthly wins X-Challenge

Art and design
12 Dec, 2018
Students Shara Quin and Mia Evans won the top prize at the 2018 AUT X Challenge for Clever Little Monthly, ethical and sustainable tampons made from hemp.
The Sustainability Taskforce at the Roadmap launch

Minister launches sustainable blueprint

24 Oct, 2018
The Minister for Climate Change, the Hon James Shaw officially launched AUT’s Sustainability Roadmap on Friday 19 October.
Solitary bee hotel on North Campus

A room for one please

Art and design
02 Oct, 2018
Thanks to students taking the Design for Sustainability paper, North campus is now host to a solitary bee hotel.

City Campus’ newest building now open

17 Jul, 2018
The WZ building – the new home of our School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences – represents a new way of teaching and learning for AUT.
Len Gillman in a tree

nztrees app puts natives on the map

07 Jun, 2018
Do you know your mānuka from your kānuka, your pōhutukawa from your rātā or ever wonder which trees are native?
sustainable actions at AUT

Students participate in beach clean-up

Business and economics
16 May, 2018
Accounting students recently displayed sustainability in action, participating in a beach clean-up fieldtrip at Point England Reserve, Glen Innes.
The Policy Observatory’s Dr David Hall and Sam Lindsay

The answer to low-emissions

Communication studies
20 Apr, 2018
A report for the Ministry of Environment, launched recently at AUT, reveals opportunities for New Zealand through climate finance.
AUT electric bus

New Zealand’s first electric bus hits the road

07 Mar, 2018
New Zealand’s first fully battery powered electric bus hits the road today, thanks to a joint initiative by Tranzit Group, EECA and AUT.
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