J.E. Lindsay Carter Kinanthropometry Clinic

The Kinanthropometry Archive Project aims to provide a database of all previous research in the field of kinanthropometry. Resources are stored in the J.E. Lindsay Carter Kinanthropometry Clinic and can be searched electronically.

Resources you can access

  • Data from studies of athletes, growth and development and special populations as well as different ethnic groups
  • Published papers
  • Books
  • Teaching material
  • Other resources

Search the J.E. Lindsay Carter Kinanthropometry Clinic archive

Who can access the kinanthropometry archive

Researchers can study larger population groups from within the database.

Individuals can compare their anthropometric profile to a selected reference population.

About the Kinanthropometry Archive Project

In scientific fields investigating humans, change over time is often an important factor that can shed light on the findings for the current population. However, keeping track of historical data can be problematic.

In the relatively new field of kinanthropometry, we're lucky to have access to the research of some of the earliest experts in the field and are now making them available internationally.

The project is expected to grow as people contribute their research and data.