Te reo Māori language courses

AUT's te reo Māori courses combine cutting edge technology with quality, fun teaching. Broaden your understanding of New Zealand's indigenous language and culture.

Beginner and intermediate courses

In Semester 1, 2019, these courses are free for all domestic students, and international students.

From Semester 2, 2019 onwards, an $89.63 (incl. GST) student and building levies fee applies for all domestic students. The cost is $904.91 (incl. GST) for international students enrolling as an elective into a current AUT programme and $1054.91 (incl. GST) for international students completing a standalone certificate of proficiency.

At this level you will develop basic oral communication and don't need prior knowledge of te reo Māori for beginner courses.

Beginner and intermediate te reo Māori courses

Advanced level courses

These courses are for advanced learners of te reo Māori. Eighty to 100% of class time is conducted in te reo Māori.

Advanced te reo Māori courses

How to apply

Current and returning students should email Email tap@aut.ac.nz  with their student ID number, paper code and class code.

New students (domestic and international)

You can apply online to study a te reo Māori course.

If you want to study a single paper (course), when you apply you should:

  • Select 'Certificate of Proficiency' as the qualification and programme type
  • Select the 'TeReo' pathway
  • Fill out the section on your education and employment, even if you are studying for personal interest

Apply now

Help with applying

If you need help, contact the Student Hub:

After you apply

We will send you a form asking you to confirm your course details. If you don't hear from us, email us and we will check the status of your enrolment.

Email tap@aut.ac.nz

Online learning resources

Te Whanake is a set of textbooks, study guides, CDs, manuals and a te reo dictionary to support te reo learning.

Te Whanake website