Network and Security Research Group

Our mission is to lead the network and security research, teaching as well as services in the country. Having an energetic group with diverse research interests in networking areas we aim to solve industry problems in terms of network design, evaluation, management, and services. The group’s primary goal is to provide a stimulating environment for network and security research, development and commercialisation.

At present we are working on the following research themes:

  • High performance network design, modelling and performance evaluation

This research area focuses on all aspects of local area network (LAN) design (both wired and wireless), modelling, and performance evaluation. Recent research work is based on MAC protocol design and cross-layer optimisation for wireless LANs, and modelling and performance study of a typical mobile WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e).

Additionally, research is conducted in the field of grid and high-performance computing applications. Areas of interest here are network security, reliability and performance for LAN as well as wide-area network (WAN) applications (e. g. transfer resuming, efficient local broadcasts and streaming, and parallel/multi-host transfers).

  • MAC enhancement to provide strict QoS and emergency traffic in WLANs

This research aims to develop a robust framework to provide a strict quality of service (QoS) guarantee for real-time applications and to support emergency traffic by enhancing the IEEE 802.11e protocol.

  • Green networking

This research aims at re-thinking and re-designing wired/wireless network infrastructures and also dynamic adaptive network protocols towards more energy-sustainable and eco-friendly technologies and perspectives.

  • Network dependability

This research aims at studying and exploiting the new methods and solutions for assuring and quantitatively assessing network dependability attributes such as availability, reliability, service resilience, maintainability and trustworthiness in complex networks.

  • Spectrum management in cognitive radio ad hoc networks

This research area aims to develop techniques for improving spectrum efficiency in proactive channel management cognitive radio ad hoc networks. It also focuses on developing cognitive MAC protocol for reducing hand-off latency in wireless ad hoc networks.

  • Network management and pricing of ubiquitous network services

This research area deals with network management systems used as a platform for providing ubiquitous services pricing and with the emerging business models for digital services. Recent research work is based on the use of policy-based network management systems as a suitable mechanism for providing ubiquitous or pervasive services pricing. Network operators using next-generation networks have the potential to service users without pre-existing contractual arrangements creating in that way new business models for the telecommunications industry.

  • Network security

Research in the group deals with protocol development and practical applications of cryptography and key management for wireless and sensor networks. Efforts are also directed to the management of security in real world networks.

  • Network education

This research aims at developing innovative tools to enhance methods for teaching and learning computer networking and related subjects. We have developed “WebLan-Designer” for interactive teaching and learning both wired and wireless LAN design at introductory level.

For more information please contact: Nurul Sarkar
Phone: +64 9 921-9999 ext 5408