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Research is our strength – we have a number of internationally-renowned research institutes and labs, and our research feeds directly into what we teach.

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Looking for a supervisor for your postgraduate study at AUT? Our academic staff have research expertise across the fields of engineering, computer and mathematical sciences. Read more about our staff and their research interests in our Research Prospectus.

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Reinhard Klette
Nikola Kasabov
John Tookey
Dr  Amir Ghaffarianhoseini and Dr Ali GhaffarianHoseini
The Great Debate
THE Rankings Sep 2019
Peter Jean-Paul with award
AUT scientists Dr Zohreh Doborjeh and Dr Maryam Doborjeh
Dr  Amir Ghaffarianhoseini and Dr Ali GhaffarianHoseini
Built futures at AUT Architecture Lab
03 Oct, 2019
AUT collaborated with the New Zealand Green Building Council to hold a pecha kucha event
The Great Debate
Architects vs Engineers Debate Brief
01 Oct, 2019
Architects in New Zealand have joined with UK and Australian architects to declare we are in a climate emergency. The Great Debate - Architects vs Engineer
THE Rankings Sep 2019
AUT moves up 50 places in world rankings
12 Sep, 2019
AUT is now in the top 1% of world universities and in the top 50 for research citations.
Peter Jean-Paul with award
Showcasing AUT’s postgraduate research
28 Aug, 2019
The Graduate Research School’s annual Postgraduate Research Symposium and 3MT competition finals showcased the diverse research that takes place at AUT.
AUT scientists Dr Zohreh Doborjeh and Dr Maryam Doborjeh
AI uncovers benefits of mindfulness
20 Aug, 2019
AUT KEDRI scientists have discovered a link between mindfulness training and improved cognitive function.

New postgraduate research opportunities

We're seeking expressions of interest from anyone considering postgraduate study at master's or doctoral level in a range of areas within engineering.

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2019 AUT Mathematical Sciences Symposium
Thursday 21 Nov, 9am - Friday 22 Nov, 6pm
Sagorika Datta
Parn Jones
Jun Su
Bing (Frank) Huang
Reem Abbas