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Research is our strength – we have a number of internationally-renowned research institutes and labs, and our research feeds directly into what we teach.

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MBIE investigators
Guy Littlefair
Power grid
Acoustic panels
Associate Professor Barbara Bollard in Antarctica
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MBIE investigators
Data Science for Mental Health
09 Oct, 2020
AUT has secured more than $2.1m to develop new data science technology for mental health diagnosis in MBIE Catalyst Programme.
Guy Littlefair
Design and Creative Tech PG Awards
07 Oct, 2020
The 2020 Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies Postgraduate Awards recognise the top honours, master’s and doctoral students who graduated in 2020.
Power grid
Joint research of NZ’s future power grid
22 Sep, 2020
AUT researchers are part of a multi-university project on New Zealand’s future power grid.
Acoustic panels
The Sound of a Quality Education
15 Sep, 2020
PhD scholar in architectural engineering Megan Burfoot says better classroom acoustics will result in better education outcomes.
Associate Professor Barbara Bollard in Antarctica
Collecting data in Antarctica
30 Jul, 2020
Q&A with Associate Professor Bollard about collecting data in Antarctica.

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Peter Makolo
Bing (Frank) Huang
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