Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAIR)

Our mission is to create, develop and commercialise innovative IT products. Information Technology encompasses all forms of technology used to create and manipulate information in its various forms. The Centre’s primary goal is to provide a stimulating environment for the development of these different forms of technology in New Zealand under strong leadership. Our research is not ivory-towered. AUT is the only university of technology in New Zealand and as such our work is not only leading edge but by design, practically oriented.

Given the wide range of research in IT, the Centre has decided to focus on four main areas of research and development - human language technology, speech technology, robotics and mind theory.

The Director of the Institute is Professor Albert Yeap.


Professor Albert Yeap

Phone: +64 9 921-9999 ext 9565

Email: wai.yeap@aut.ac.nz

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