AURA Publications

This page lists AUT Radiofrequency Identification Applications Laboratory's recent publications. They include:

  • Basrur, P., & Parry, D. (2006). "Where are my Glasses?”: An Object Location System within the Home. Bulletin of Applied Computing and Information Technology 4(2).
  • McPherson, K., Parry, D., & Symonds, J. (2007, 4th December 2007). Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for Assisted Living:  Testing the Aura Object Location (AOL) Model. Paper presented at the 18th Australasian Conference on Information Systems, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.
  • Parry, D., Symonds, J., & Briggs, J. (2007). RFID solutions to support home telecare information flows. . Health Care and Informatics Review Online.   (October 2007.).
  • Seet, B.-C., & Casar, J. R. (2007, November 2007). Physical Object Search and Reminding in Ambient Intelligent Spaces. Paper presented at the Conference of the Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAEPIA), Workshop on User-Centric Technologies and Applications,  , Salamanca, Spain.
  • Symonds J., Parry D., & Briggs J. (2007). An RFID-based System for Assisted Living: Challenges and Solutions. Studies in health technology and Informatics, 127, 127 -138.
  • Symonds, J., & Parry, D. (2008). Using RFID to track and trace high value products: the case of city healthcare. Journal of Cases on Information Technology, 10(1), 1-13
  • Houliston, B., Merry, A., & Parry, D., T,. (2008). Sensors and Insensibility: Monitoring Anaesthetic Activity with RFID. Paper presented at the Health Informatics New Zealand Forum, Rotorua.
  • Parry, D., Jennings, H., Symonds, J., Ravi, K., & Wright, M. (2008, October 2008). Supporting the visually impaired using RFID technology. Paper presented at the Health Informatics New Zealand Forum, Rotorua.
  • Parry, D., Houliston, B., & Symonds, J. (2008, October 2008). RFID-Based Self-Description to Support Low-Cost Telecare and Assistance At Home. Paper presented at the The 13th International Symposium for Health Information Management & Research (ISHIMR), Auckland.
  • Houliston, B., Parry, D. T., Webster, C. S., & Merry, A. F. (2009). Interference with the operation of medical devices resulting from the use of radio frequency identification technology. New Zealand Medical Journal, 122(1297).
  • Symonds, J., Parry, D. T., & Ayoude, J. (Eds.). (2009). Auto-Identification and Ubiquitous Computing Applications: RFID and Smart Technologies for Information Convergence. Hershey: IGI global.
  • Montefiore, A., Parry, D. and Philpott, A. (2010). A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-based wireless sensor device for drug compliance measurement,. Paper presented at the Health Informatics New Zealand Conference, Wellington.
  • Houliston, B., Parry, D., Merry, A. (2010). TADAA: Towards Automated Detection of Anaesthetic Activity. Paper presented at MEDINFO 2010, Cape Town.
  • Houliston B. , P. D., Merry A. (2010). Localisation and Activity Detection in Operating Rooms via Active RFID using Self-Organising Maps (poster). Presented at the IEEE RFID 2010, Orlando Florida.
  • Parry, D. T., & Narayanan, A. (2010). RFID enabled smartcards as a context-aware personal health node. Healthcare Informatics Review online, 14(2).

Recent Thesis

  • An investigation of algorithms to clean RFID data for activity monitoring of the elderly Bai, Matthew2009
  • How will RFID influence the retail environment in New Zealand?: an investigation of the views of the retail sector     Feng, Xiangnan2009
  • Deriving activity from RFID detection records in an assisted living context    Zheng, Michael2008
  • Map compression for a RFID-based two-dimensional indoor navigation system Tsai, Tsung-Chun