Student showcase in Engineering 2021

Engineering students work on a final year project as part of their overall studies addressing key issues that we face today and preparing them for a wide and diverse career in engineering.

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AUT's School of Future Environments industrial-focused project experience involves the relevant engineering project management, project planning, design, and development, techniques to build a new student accommodation centre. Our group, NNVL Engineering Design Consultants have created this centre in Ngataringa Bay, Devonport, which has four 4-story residential blocks, including a gym, swimming pool and walkway trails, along with other indoor and outdoor gathering spaces. Together, NNVL present and deliver Hapori Ākonga o AUT (AUT Student Community) Accommodation Centre.



  • Dr Nariman Ghodrati

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Tauwhiro Accommodation Complex is a modern four 4-story block student accommodation centre that provides high-quality of living to undergraduate and post-graduate students. Located in the heart of Devonport, Northshore, this sustainable co-living style centre overlooks the Auckland CBD, Rangitoto Island, and Mount Victoria. The micro-community offers shared triple room, single ensuite, and single apartment living, with facilities for work, studying, recreational activities, café, and bar. ‘Tauwhiro’ translates to ‘sustainable’ from Te Reo Maori; and each building block is fitted with photovoltaic panels to generate solar energy, collects rainwater for laundry and toilet water supply, and utilises natural ventilation through a Variable Air Volume system that gathers fresh outdoor air and pushes out dry stale air and a Heat Recovery system that retains unused warm air to achieve a Green Building status.


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The Pohutukawa Student Residence is a development project which consists of four blocks of four-Story student accommodation buildings located on Ngataringa Road at the heart of Devonport of Auckland City. ArchiConz’s design approach has considered the client requirements, focusing on sustainability, value, quality of life and diversity. Block A is a North-facing main building block that will be offered exclusively to first-year students to experience self-independence while having all the supports system in-house ready when needed. Block B is the only south-facing building block consisting of 72 self-contained units. Centre Atrium runs from the ground floor, and communal balcony on either side of the wings. Block C and D are identical blocks connected by a lift, and the stair atrium also features a communal terrace on either side of the blocks. These two blocks follow a flat style layout that will provide options for the students on top of Block B. In addition, the selected site is of significant contour, providing design opportunities to introduce basement and lower ground floor as seen in blocks A and B. The proposed design can accommodate up to 360 students, with spacious outdoor car parking and outdoor amenities such as a swimming pool, basketball court, seating areas and walking tracks.


  • Sothea Un
    Bachelor of Architectural Engineering (Honours)
  • Cyrus Basham
    Bachelor of Construction Engineering (Honours)
  • Nina Nemaia
    Bachelor of Construction Engineering (Honours)
  • Robbie Riggs
    Bachelor of Construction Engineering (Honours)


  • Fei Ying
  • Amirhosein Ghaffarianhoseini
  • Nicola Naismith
  • Roohollah Kaletehjari
  • Okechukwu Nwadigo
  • Ali Ghaffarianhoseini
  • Mani Poshdar
  • Shahab Ramhormozian
  • Nariman Ghodrati
  • Hui Zhang

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Feedback and contact

If you have any feedback or are interested in submitting a project for next year please contact the Industry Advisory for BCIS: Karen Phipps.

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AUT’s degrees in engineering, computer and mathematical sciences are an opportunity for our students to play a key role in New Zealand’s technological, social and economic development.

We are proud and excited to display the work of our final year students and we invite you to celebrate with us their fantastic achievements.

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