Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences final year project showcase 2021

We are proud and excited to display the work of our final year engineering, computer and mathematical sciences students and we invite you to celebrate with us their fantastic achievements.

Computer and Information Science student showcase

Computer and Information Science students work on a real-life industry project as part of their final year in the areas of software development, computer sciences, computational intelligence, IT service science, network and security and analytics. The course prepares our students for careers spanning from telecommunications to education and healthcare to finance.


Engineering student showcase

Engineering students work on a final year project as part of their overall studies addressing key issues that we face today and preparing them for a wide and diverse career in engineering.


Mathematical Sciences student showcase

Mathematical Sciences students work on a poster in the subject areas of either astronomy, applied mathematics, computer science or analytics as part of their overall research project, preparing them for a lifelong career in their chosen field.


Engineering students

Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences

AUT’s degrees in engineering, computer and mathematical sciences are your opportunity to play a key role in New Zealand’s technological, social and economic development.

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