Facilities for art and design

Our art and design students have access to industry-leading studios, labs and services. These include photographic and lighting facilities, printmaking and 3D labs, a wet lab and bindery facilities.

3D fabrication lab / Whanga Paenga Toru

Wood, metal and CNC machining.

Our technical staff support your learning through making. As passionate artists and designers they can guide you through the planning and construction of your projects using a wide range of:

  • Wood machining, construction and finishing
  • CNC machining of 2D and 3D forms
  • Metal fabrication; machining, welding and casting
  • Plastic moulding

We produce final artefacts as well as moulds and forms for other fabrication processes.

Bindery facility / Paihere Pukapuka

Our bindery facility welcomes students from across the School of Art and Design, and caters for all levels of learners.

We can help with:

  • Traditional and contemporary bookmaking
  • Finishing and packaging
  • Paper engineering

The bindery facility is equipped with guillotines, presses, digital foiler, paper drills, creaser/perforation hardware and an assortment of specialised tools.

Digital fabrication studios / Matahiko Hanga Ahu-toru

You can use our digital fabrication studios for experimentation and prototyping purposes. The studio is equipped with various current and emergent technologies:

  • 15 FDM 3D printers
  • 3 laser cutters
  • Ceramic and mixed media extrusion 3D printers
  • 3 resin SLA 3D printers

There may be costs associated with materials and services for some of your digital fabrication work.

Fashion studios and workrooms / Ahu

Our technical staff support AUT fashion design students through garment making, and provide guidance through technical development and garment construction using a wide variety of fashion-specific equipment:

  • Industrial lockstitch sewing machines and overlockers
  • Specialised industrial sewing machines
  • Pressing equipment
  • Cutting equipment and tools

As a fashion design student, you can use our facilities to produce prototypes and final fashion garment collections.

Loan Central / Tuku Taputapu Taurewa

As an art and design student you can book a range of industry standard audio-visual gear, including:

  • DSLR cameras, gimbals, TV screens, HDMI projectors, photography/video lighting, audio microphones
  • Use of the green screen room
  • Use of the sound suite

All free of charge through our booking system.

Photographic facilities / Hopu Whakaahua

Our photographic facilities include:

  • Digital printing suite with a variety of wide format inkjet printers for archival printing and A4 flatbed scanners for reflective work or film scans up to 4x5”
  • Black and white darkroom with multiple photographic enlargers for printing, capable of handling 35mm, medium format and 4x5” negatives, and a separate black and white film processing space
  • Photographic lighting studios with professional flash lighting equipment and cameras, utilising tether technology

The lighting studios are only available to users with a firm technical understanding of photography and who have undertaken specific lighting workshops.

Printmaking studio / Tā Pukapuka

As an art and design student you can access our well-equipped printmaking studios for creative learning and research projects, no matter what year of study you're in.

Catering to a combination of traditional and experimental, our facilities and processes include:

  • Intaglio – etching, drypoint, photo-polymer
  • Screen-printing – water-based paper and textile
  • Relief-printing – lino, wood, laser cut materials
  • Lithography – stone
  • Alternative photography – Cyanotype, Van Dyck process

We provide basic materials for you to learn and get started.

Wet lab / Wahi Makuku

If you're using the wet lab, you'll be supported to engage with multiple mediums and processes including:

  • Ceramics including hand building, wheel throwing, slip casting
  • Mould making and casting in materials such as plaster, concrete, wax, rubber, silicon, resin and glass
  • Spray painting

The wet lab is equipped with kilns, wheels, extruders, fume bench, spray booth, wax heaters, a resin room and other assorted tools.

Motion Capture Lab

The Motion Capture Lab provides you with the equipment to use the motion capture process in digital design modelling for animation and creative projects, accurate data capture for movement research, and more. The lab has a motion tracking camera system like those found in major digital production studios for body, facial and object tracking, including a virtual camera for live data streaming through game engine software, allowing you to get a producer’s view of characters moving through your digital scene.

Te Wai Ngutu Kākā Gallery

Te Wai Ngutu Kākā Gallery is a suite of purpose‐built galleries and project spaces in AUT’s School of Art and Design and Te Ara Poutama (Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Development). The gallery is dedicated to the development of contemporary art and design through an international programme of exhibitions, events, symposia and publications.

Research in art and design

We believe in high-quality research that has impact, and have world-class researchers and research strengths across art and design.

About our research