Facilities for art and design

Our art and design students have access to industry-leading studios, labs and services. These include photographic and lighting facilities, printmaking and 3D labs, and digital textile machines.

3D Printing Lab

The 3D Printing Lab has a commercial rated EOS SLS 3D printer to help you create highly accurate and robust 3D nylon printed models, parts and prototypes from CAD models. The room includes a laser cutter so you can take your 3D printing ideas to the next level.

3D workshops

Our 3D workshops include a ‘wet lab’ for working with ceramics, resins and plastics. The wet lab has a kiln, wheels, a spray booth and other equipment. There are also metal casting facilities, a laser cutter and a CNC router.

Book bindery workshop

The book bindery is equipped with presses, guillotines, frames and other tools to make books, boxes, folders and other items using different materials. In the heart of the Art and Design school, new design aesthetics can be applied to old world processes.

Loans Central (equipment loan)

Art and design students can borrow equipment like digital cameras, video cameras, TVs, DVD players and audio and lighting items from Loans Central to use for their work.

Motion Capture Lab

The Motion Capture Lab provides the equipment for students to use the motion capture process in digital design modelling for animation and creative projects, accurate data capture for movement research, and more. The lab has a motion tracking camera system like those found in major digital production studios for body, facial and object tracking, including a virtual camera for live data streaming through game engine software, allowing you to get a producer’s view of characters moving through your digital scene.

Photographic facilities

Our photographic facilities include:

  • Digital Printing Suite with Epson wide format digital printers up to 110mm, two flatbed A4 scanners, and the Imacon scanner for scanning medium format negatives.
  • Analogue Darkrooms with photographic enlargers capable of handling 35mm, 6x9cm and 4x5” negatives. One is used for developing and editing 16mm cinematic film. Other equipment includes black and white film processing and printing facilities, and an RA4 colour printer for large analogue colour prints.
  • Photographic Lighting Studios with professional standard lighting equipment.

Printmaking workshops

Students working across a range of media disciplines use our printmaking workshop facilities for screenprinting, relief printing, intaglio/etching, letterpress, and lithography. These are professional, shared working spaces.

St Paul Street Gallery

St Paul Street Gallery is a suite of purpose‐built galleries and project spaces in AUT’s School of Art and Design and Te Ara Poutama (Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Development). The gallery is dedicated to the development of contemporary art and design through an international programme of exhibitions, events, symposia and publications.

Research in art and design

We believe in high-quality research that has impact, and have world-class researchers and research strengths across art and design.

About our research

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