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AUT’s multifaith rooms, Muslim prayer rooms and chaplains provide religious and spiritual support for students.

AUT offers some of the most comprehensive student services and support in New Zealand – our friendly team can help your child to navigate their studies, deal with challenges, plan their future options and more.

2 students sitting around a table

Read our article for a quick overview of how the university year and AUT’s courses are structured, so you can support your child when they start university.

Journalism studies

Subjects chosen at high school can provide your child with a foundation for future study at AUT. You can help your child to make the right choices so they can start working towards their tertiary study goals.

Career advice

What career advice is available at AUT?

Support and Employability

AUT has a dedicated Employability and Careers team who work closely with students and graduates to help them consider their career options and develop their skills to enable them to stand out to employers.

AUT City campus, WF Building

Cost is an important factor when thinking about university study. This article gives you an idea of the costs associated with university study, and different options to help fund your child's education.

Your child will benefit most from a university that offers practical, innovative programmes

World university rankings have significance, but they are one of several key things you should consider when choosing where to study in New Zealand.

AUT City Campus

From our innovative teaching to our support services, explore the reasons why AUT could be the right university for your child.

Should my child go to university or enter a trade 1

Is your child deciding whether to enter a trade or study at university when they leave high school? We explore the pros and cons of each pathway.

BCS Graduates in the studio

Discover the types of careers and accomplishments AUT Bachelor of Communication Studies graduates have achieved in New Zealand and overseas.

Orientation at AUT

Find out how Orientation for new students helps your teen feel more prepared when university starts and understand what to expect at AUT.

fitness degrees at AUT

Sports and recreation aren’t just fun leisure activities, they’re also a major industry with a variety of opportunities. Your child can turn their love of sport into a fulfilling career.


Students can sometimes miss out on their first choice degree. It's not the end of the world as there may be alternative ways they can start their pathway to learning at AUT.

AUT accommodation

AUT student accommodation

Life in Auckland

Living on campus provides a home away from home for AUT students. Find out about our accommodation options and how to apply.


Bachelor of Design students have an incredible range of career options waiting for them after graduation.

Auckland City lit up at night

From buses and trains to ride sharing apps, there are many ways to get around the City of Sails. We look at Auckland transport options for university students.

Moving away from home to study is a chance for your teen to put essential life skills into practice

When your child moves out of home to study at university it’s a time of big change for the whole family. Here are our tips on how to support them from a distance.

Study in Auckland

Is your child dreaming of the university towns of Dunedin or Christchurch? Here are six reasons to persuade them to study their degree in Auckland instead.

University exams and assignments work differently to high school, so it pays to understand the differences

It can take a while to get used to the way university exams and assignments are structured and assessed. Here’s a quick guide to get you up to speed.

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