Postgraduate entry requirements

You can find entry requirements for each postgraduate programme on the relevant programme page. For some programmes you also need to prepare a research proposal.

If you’re transferring to AUT for postgraduate study you must provide information about your research and previous study.

Preparing a research proposal

If you're applying for the Master of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy, you need to:

  • Apply online
  • Upload supporting documents including a brief research outline (1-2 pages outlining your proposed research project).

Once your application has been received and assessed, you may be contacted by the relevant faculty to discuss supervision arrangements and to proceed with developing a formal research proposal using the relevant template below.

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Preparation Paper for the Research Proposal

Master of Philosophy and doctoral applicants who need access to AUT resources to prepare the research proposal should contact the faculty postgraduate administrator and request enrolment in the Preparation Paper for the Research Proposal. This paper provides free library and computer access for three months. 

Applicants to professional doctorates will be considered for enrolment in this paper on a case-by-case basis.

After you submit the research proposal

The faculty postgraduate committee will approve and submit the research proposal to the Graduate Research School who will admit the student and notify the University Postgraduate Research Board. Where standard entry criteria are not met, the Graduate Research School will refer the application to the University Postgraduate Research Board for consideration.

Applicants are normally informed of the outcome of their application in an email from the Graduate Research School. Any conditions of admission will be identified in the letter. The formal date of admission will be the date on which the University Postgraduate Research Board accepted the application.

Sometimes applicants who are granted admission to a postgraduate programme are required to meet specific conditions prior to, or during the period of enrolment. These conditions are specified by the Board as a method of ensuring that the applicant has the requisite knowledge and competencies required for the programme.

Students and supervisors should ensure that any requirements for ethical approval have been met before data gathering starts.

Once you’ve completed the coursework component of your programme, you must complete a postgraduate research proposal before starting your thesis or dissertation. Once approved, your faculty will enrol you into the thesis or dissertation.

Students and supervisors should ensure that any requirements for ethical approval have been met before data gathering starts.

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Transferring to AUT postgraduate programmes

Where students can provide evidence that a proportion of their proposed research has already been undertaken in another tertiary education institution, they may apply through their supervisor to the faculty postgraduate committee for this work to be recognised, and for a shorter period of registration than normal to be approved. This work will not be considered for recognition of prior learning credit.

Where a master's student transfers from another university to AUT and receives 120 points credit to commence directly into the thesis, the faculty postgraduate committee will decide on time limits for the thesis, and therefore completion of the qualification and the eligibility for the award of honours, on a case-by-case basis. Papers completed outside AUT will not be considered in awarding honours.

This timeframe is normally one year for full-time students and two years for part-time students.

In exceptional circumstances, a student enrolled in an AUT research master's degree who has completed the coursework component and has commenced the thesis component, may apply for consideration for admission to the Doctor of Philosophy.

Discuss this with your primary supervisor and the Associate Dean (Postgraduate) for your faculty.

Candidates wishing to transfer their candidature from another institution to AUT must supply the following:

  • Completed PGR3 form 'Transfer of PhD candidature'
  • Completed PGR2 form (the faculty must complete this form)
  • A copy of the either the PGR2 or PGR9 form (see below to determine which is required)*
  • Progress reports and additional information may also be requested

*If you are transferring as a Provisional Admission, a copy of the current institution’s equivalent to the AUT Form PGR2 will be required. If you are transferring as a Confirmed Admission, a copy of the current institution’s equivalent to AUT Form PGR9 will be required.

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Funding for research

Funding to support postgraduate research may be available through scholarships, and from professional associations or discipline-specific funding bodies. The University Research Office can also provide assistance to postgraduate students.

English language requirements

AUT classes are taught in English. If you don’t have English as your first language, you need to show evidence of your English language skills.

English language requirements