Tharaya Poorisat

Tharaya Poorisat

Doctor of Philosophy candidate

She is passionate about the construction industry, energy systems and the built environment, says Tharaya Poorisat who came to AUT as an international student from Thailand to pursue a PhD in built environment engineering.

“I have a background in mechanical engineering, with expertise in energy systems. My PhD focuses on modelling New Zealand’s sustainable building designs and practices for improved energy efficiency, water efficiency and indoor environmental quality.

“The world has been facing an environmental crisis due to greenhouse gas emissions, where buildings consume high energy consumption. New Zealand is a unique area of study because of its high renewable energy resources. However, studies about green building rating systems are still in their infancy. My research aims to fill the gap in the literature by contributing to theoretical and practical knowledge of the topic, as well as promoting the adoption of sustainable building design and practices.”

Tharaya’s doctoral research is supervised by Dr Esther Aigwi and Dr Dat Doan from AUT’s School of Future Environments.

Choosing AUT
Coming to AUT for her study was an easy decision, says Tharaya who hopes to work as a lecturer in the future, and share her knowledge of built environment engineering and energy systems with other students.

“I chose AUT because it’s a prestigious university in New Zealand. I had heard about AUT’s School of Future Environments and I wanted to be a part of it.”

She has enjoyed her studies so far.

“I’ve enjoyed studying at AUT because my supervisors are very supportive, and AUT provides all of the required resources that foster the learning environment of their students. I also appreciated the tuition support from the School of Future Environments I received in 2023.”

Advice for other students
Expecting to complete her PhD in 2027, Tharaya has some great advice for other students.

“Engage in your studies with a sense of curiosity and openness. The deeper your interest in your subjects, the more fulfilling and enjoyable your educational journey will become.”

She wouldn’t hesitate to recommend doing a PhD in built environment engineering.

“I’d highly recommend this programme to others because the PhD programme enables you to gain deep expertise in built environment engineering. This level of specialisation can make you highly valuable in the sectors that focus on innovative construction, environmental sustainability and smart cities.”