Tayla Webb

Tayla Webb

Business Advisory Consultant, Deloitte
Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Economics


She always knew she wanted a career involving business, says business alumna Tayla Webb who completed a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Economics.

“I always wanted to do business in some form, but at first I wasn’t exactly sure what I specifically wanted to do. I actually didn’t think I’d choose accounting, however after completing the first semester introductory courses I realised that my mum was right and that accounting was a good fit for me. I’ve also always had a passion for understanding how our economy works and the flow-on effects different actions can have, so decided to study economics as well.”

After finishing her studies at the end of 2022, Tayla now enjoys applying what she has learnt in her new role at Deloitte.

“I now work in the tax and business advisory unit for Deloitte, and I love getting to learn alongside others who are in the exact same situation as me. I enjoy that my day-to-day work never looks the same.”

Highly recommended
Tayla says she would 100% recommend studying at AUT.

“Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, including the staff. I personally also believe that the hands-on skills and the soft skills you learn at AUT make you stand out in your future career. I originally had my heart set on going to another university but after attending a few university open days I opted for AUT as it was a bit more personable and had a more modern approach for setting us up for the ‘real’ world.”

The relationships and opportunities AUT offers students are what she has enjoyed most about her studies.

“The fact that our class sizes are smaller meant that I got to know my lecturers better and they knew me as more than just a name on a roll. Because of this I was also presented with many opportunities that I wouldn’t have received otherwise, including being a teaching assistant as well as working with the Oceanian Leadership Network as a village tutor.”

A valuable networking opportunity
Another highlight of Tayla’s time at AUT was participating in the Shadow a Leader programme, where students spend a day with a senior leader in their chosen profession.

“I participated in Shadow a Leader twice, including in my final year at AUT when I shadowed Ben Normoyle who is the CCO at Fisher & Paykel Appliances.

“By participating in Shadow a Leader, I gained insights into what companies are looking for as well as an opportunity to grow my network in fields I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to without this programme.”

She says she wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Shadow a Leader programme to other students.