Su Yeon Kang (Sue)

Su Yeon Kang (Sue)

Integrated Warehousing Solutions Operations Specialist – Value Added Services, DHL Global Forwarding (NZ) Ltd
Postgraduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management student
Master of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Finance

She loves her role in warehouse logistics, says business alumna Su Yeon Kang (Sue) who is now working for DHL Global Forwarding (NZ) Ltd.

“I have a keen interest in the third-party logistics and warehousing sector because it perfectly combines physical and administrative tasks, ensuring that the work is never monotonous. The continuous advancements in technology – including AI, robotics and warehouse management systems – make this field particularly engaging. I thrive on the potential within our team and the fact that I can work in an area that not only interests me but is also a field I continue to study extensively.

“My primary responsibilities centre on managing third-party logistics operations and storage solutions. I’m committed to building strong relationships with our clients, continuously enhancing our operational processes, and delivering the best possible solutions to meet their varied needs. My role involves seamlessly integrating customers into our systems and deeply understanding their supply chain and business requirements. This comprehensive insight allows us to provide precisely tailored services, and support our customers' expansion and growth opportunities.”

Her career journey so far has covered all areas of business.

“Since I started my career in 2015, I've held a variety of roles, ranging from accounting, HR and events coordinating to warehousing, sales and graphics design. I've also worked as a customs and Ministry of Primary Industries agent for DHL Express, before moving into a pricing analyst role in the sales & marketing department at DHL Global Forwarding, where I currently work. With the support of the company, I was able to work on my MBA project within our integrated warehousing solutions department, which ultimately led to me becoming a part of the team.”

The right university environment
Studying business at AUT was a key part of Sue’s journey towards the rewarding career she has today.

“AUT's approach of offering more practical, smaller-sized lectures and workshops aligns perfectly with my learning style, promising a more tailored and interactive educational experience. The workplace experience included in the Bachelor of Business was a key attraction for me, and I was fortunate to secure a job through my workplace experience placement and stayed there for just over six years.

“Years later, I returned to AUT to pursue my MBA because of the positive experiences I previously had here and because I was contemplating a new direction in my professional life. The MBA programme aligned well with the type of skills I was looking to develop. Additionally, I chose to pursue a Postgraduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management because of my current role in the field. The significance of supply chain management has been magnified post-COVID, and I felt compelled to deepen my understanding of emerging trends and strategies. AUT's curriculum – which emphasizes current, futuristic topics and extensive use of case studies – was perfectly tailored to my needs and professional ambitions.”

For Sue, the most memorable aspects of her time at AUT involved the people she met and the connections she formed.

“Whether it's been collaborating with classmates on group projects or engaging with professionals through the MBA programme, these connections have greatly enriched my educational journey. Many of these individuals bring years of experience in their fields, and engaging with them, whether discussing class material or working on assignments together, has not only broadened my perspective but also consistently impressed me with the diversity of their insights and backgrounds.

“The accessibility and enthusiasm of AUT's lecturers and support staff have been invaluable. Whenever I've encountered challenges or needed clarification, they've been readily available to assist, significantly enhancing my learning environment. This community and support has been fundamental to my experience at AUT and continues to influence me greatly.”

Advice for other students
Sue’s advice for other students is simple: keep yourself busy doing what you enjoy.

“Many people ask me, ‘How do you even have time for everything?’. Between full-time work, studies, caring for my two younger sisters and hobbies like attending dance classes, my schedule is indeed packed. My answer often is, ‘I don't know’ but the real secret is to commit to and genuinely enjoy what you do.

“My path has been anything but straightforward – I have a degree in accounting and finance, yet I discovered that my passion lies in warehousing logistics. This journey taught me the value of trying different things. If you find yourself not liking what you initially chose, don’t hesitate to move on to something else. Every experience, whether it aligns with your initial goals or not, contributes to your growth and helps you stand out in your professional life.”

Don’t underestimate the power of opening up to new social opportunities, she adds.

“I was once quite reserved, with a limited circle of friends. However, pursuing my MBA transformed me into what many now consider a social butterfly. Making connections and building a network have become invaluable assets. I’m also proud of being a student representative for MBA and professional master’s programmes, and of being selected as student representative for the Board of Studies. My advice is to reach out and engage with others – you may find lifelong friends, mentors and supporters who can enrich your journey.”