Sarah Manikam

Sarah Manikam

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences majoring in Networks and Cybersecurity with a minor in Finance

Technology is a huge game changer for so many industries today, says Sarah Manikam who is currently studying a Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences, majoring in Networks and Cybersecurity.

“I chose to study computer and information sciences because it's a very versatile and valuable degree. There’s such a wide range of careers and fields that I can go into with this degree. I also think it’s really fun – there’s a lot of problem solving involved; it’s almost like completing lots of mini puzzles every day.”

Deciding to come to AUT for her studies was easy for her.

“What I like about the AUT is that my degree is very practical. As my final-year project, I’m working on a research and development project with a company, which is a super valuable experience. It's nice to take the theoretical knowledge you learn throughout the course and apply it to a real-world context.”

A proud achievement
Sarah is proud of being awarded the Electric Kiwi-AUT Women in STEM scholarship in her second year at AUT.

“I found out about the Electric Kiwi-AUT Women in STEM scholarship through AUT STEM Women; a club I was on the executive team for. They posted about it on social media and I thought I’d just give it a shot – I mean there was no reason not to! I also had a mentor through the Women in Tech mentoring programme who really encouraged me to just apply and try out everything.”

She was very happy when she found out she received the scholarship, Sarah admits.

“The experience has really emphasised that it never hurts to try – I didn’t think I’d win the scholarship but I applied anyway. I’m super appreciative of the scholarship providers who have supported my education financially, I’m very grateful for this.”

Vibrant uni life
She really enjoys the environment she is in, Sarah says.

“I love the City Campus, I’ve made so many friends, and I’d definitely recommend the Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences as it teaches a lot of valuable skills that can be used in so many areas. It’s a great degree to have.”

AUT has so many opportunities on campus, she adds.

“Some AUT opportunities I’ve been part of include being an executive member of clubs, attending clubs events, working as an AUT student ambassador, and participating in the Bright Side programme and the AUT Edge Award. This year, I’m also the vice-president of AUT's Computer Science and Engineering Association. There’s so much to do on campus!

“My advice for other students is to get involved. Joins clubs, volunteer, try everything – there are so many opportunities for students and they will open so many doors for you.”