Sarah Kelsey

Sarah Kelsey

Podcast Host/Marketing Consultant, OneUp Project
Bachelor of Business in Accounting

Making good decisions related to your finances is never easy, even less so for young people . That’s where Sarah Kelsey aims to help through her work as a podcast host and marketing consultant for the OneUp Project.

Since starting her popular podcast in 2020, she has built a strong community of listeners and established a reputation for helping her audience make better decisions relevant to their finances and financial wellbeing.

“For the OneUp Project, I’m interviewing guests and pulling patterns from information, and bringing people together to create a better collective future. My work includes a mix of marketing communications management and oversight, strategy and branding.

“Staying curious is a key pillar of my personal development, so pulling breadcrumbs of value from people’s experiences is something that really sets my soul on fire. Taking a risk to build this for myself has been one of my greatest achievements so far.”

Her hard work has certainly not gone unnoticed, and she was recently included in the 2023 Y25 list as one of 25 trailblazing young women who are leaders in their fields.

“I was shocked to be recognised in a group of such incredible people. I’ve never been so inspired and emotional being in a room of such trailblazers; people who have experienced great adversity, and work to overcome this for others and themselves every day. I feel honoured and privileged to have this opportunity.”

The right choice
For Sarah, one of her first steps towards the career she has now was deciding to study business at university and enrolling in AUT’s Bachelor of Business in Accounting.

“I decided to study at AUT because I liked the idea of a smaller campus and more interactive classes. That was something I felt other unis couldn’t provide. I still remember one particular accounting lecturer who was extremely helpful and generous with her time, which gave me the motivation to do well. I was also fortunate to receive a scholarship from PwC, which included an internship and access to a mentor during my time at AUT.”

She says being able to gain workplace experience as part of her degree was the main highlight for her.

“My workplace experience gave me the confidence to chase my dreams and go after what I was passionate about. Having that autonomy over my study and real-life experience was invaluable in the ‘real world’. It was a great networking and confidence building experience as well.”

Advice for other students
Sarah – who graduated from AUT at the end of 2019 – has some great advice for other students who are only at the start of their university journey.

“My advice is to go with your gut on your studies and use study as an excuse to be shamelessly curious.

“As university students, we have the privilege of education and should use it as an opportunity to soak up the experiences and perspectives of others as much as possible.”

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